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The Orange County Public Health Laboratory serving Orange County, California elected to conduct an APHL Laboratory System Improvement Program (L-SIP) assessment on March 18, 2014 and welcomed its partners to the process.

L-SIP, initially implemented in 2007, is a program of the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), an organization that represents the interests of public health laboratories locally, nationally and internationally.

APHL - Laboratory System Improvement Program - Promoting System Improvement

What is the Laboratory System?

The local Orange Public Health Laboratory System (LPHL System) consists of all the organizations that participate in or otherwise support public health laboratory testing.

LPHL System: An alliance of laboratories and other partners within the County that supports the ten essential public health services under the aegis of the state public health laboratory. The system members and stakeholders operate in an interconnected and interdependent way to facilitate the exchange of information, optimize laboratory services, and help control and prevent disease and public health threats.

L-SIP Participation MapDefinition of a Local PHL System (PDF)

Mission and Vision of L-SIP

Mission: To establish a system that measures the performance of state and local public health systems and supports their continuous improvement.

Vision: A healthy world though improved public health practice and highly functioning and effective laboratory systems.

Why Participate in L-SIP?

L-SIP provides a number of benefits to all of the stakeholders of the Orange County Public Health Laboratory System, including:

  • Strengthening relationships between the partners that comprise the broader laboratory system
  • Improving performance of the county public health laboratory system
  • Educating system partners, elected officials and the public about the laboratory system and the important role each organization plays
  • Identifying areas in need of advocacy and increased resources

    Which other states and counties conducted the assessment?

    L-SIP is available to all state and local PHL Systems. Thirty states and one city (Milwaukee) had completed an L-SIP assessment and most are engaged in system improvement activities. Orange County became the first local public health laboratory to do an assessment using a modification of the original assessment tool designed for assessing local laboratory systems.
    APHL - Laboratory System Improvement Program - Promoting System Improvement - L-SIP Participation Map