How do I plan a Walk & Bike to School Day Event?

Safe Routes Partnership
Back-to-School 2020 Recommendations for 
Safe Routes to School Programming
(Distance learning, hybrid, and in-person scenarios)
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1. Register and Plan your virtual event

Coordinating an event is easy. It can be as big or small as you’d like to make it and can be held anytime of the year. Just like traditional Walk or Bike to School Day, encourage families to start their school day with a walk or bike ride. This may be to the school site, for schools returning in person. For students enrolled in distance learning, encourage families to walk or take a bike ride around their neighborhood before they sit down to learn.

Whether your students attend in-person or enrolled in distance learning, there are countless ideas to make your Virtual Walk to School Day a success. This planning guide was developed with the various student attendance scenarios in mind.

Registration takes about five minutes to complete: 

2. Promote your event

Be creative. Here are a few ideas:

  • Post your event on your school’s social media page. Use the hashtag #walkbiketoschool
  • Identify local media and send them a press release.
  • Make sure families know about the event through fliers, school newsletters or electronic notifications.

Visit the Customizable and Printable Resources page for templates of these materials. For schools with students on campus, don’t forget to hang your banners and signs around your school.

3. Day of your event

Have fun! Ask families to snap photos of their walk or bike ride and post them on your school's social media pages! Looking for more ways to have fun and learn about safety? Walk 'n Roll Scavenger Hunt activity sheets are included in your toolkit!  Encourage Families to play as they walk or roll to school or around their neighborhood. Hold a poster contest and have students come up with safety messages or design artwork illustrating safe walking and rolling! Encourage posting students' artwork on social media. Use the hashtag, #walkbiketoschool

Reward students who participate with incentives like stickers and silicone bracelets found in your toolkit. For schools enrolled in distance-learning, reward students with digital certificates and school-wide recognition!

4. After your event

This is just the beginning to walking and biking all year round! Contact us about starting a virtual walking or biking club and for other fun ideas. Complete a short online survey that will be emailed to you so that we can improve year after year.

Need help planning your event? We can help!

Contact Maria Minaglia at (714) 834-6770 or

Page Last Updated: February 23, 2021