Employee Assistance Program

Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is our way of saying you’re a valuable employee and your personal and professional happiness is important to us. We know that sometimes problems arise that you may find difficult to solve alone. Our EAP is designed to assist you, and those close to you, resolve problems affecting your physical and emotional well-being and job performance. It is a completely confidential employee benefit. At sometime or another, we all experience a personal or family-related problem. How we deal with these problems is what makes us successful human beings. Taking advantage of our EAP’s assessment and referral services can make a difference.

To learn more about EAP, go to the Aetna Resources for Living website at www.resourcesforliving.com.

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Monthly EAP Newsletter Topics

  • Out with the old and ...not so fast with the new 
  • Watch our for glaucoma 
  • 8 ways to cut down on worrying
  • Multitasking podcast
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Monthly Webinars -  go to www.resourcesforliving.com to register or view archived webinars           

  • January 9 - Building a healthy body image
  • January 16 - Simplify your life
  • January 23 - Memory improvement for daily life
  • January 28 - Pennywise: Everyday budgeting and saving
  • February 6 - Putting play into your daily life
  • February 13 - All work and no play: Avoiding burnout
  • February 20 - Ways to console someone who is grieving
  • February 27 - How small changes can lead to big results

Your Employee Assistance Program Benefits Provide:

  • Private, confidential assessment and referral counseling.
  • 24-hour, 7-days-per-week emergency telephone counseling.
  • EAP consultation with licensed or certified counselors.
  • Appointments outside of work hours.
  • Coverage extends to family members and significant others.
  • No charge to the employee or family member for the EAP counseling.
  • Bilingual counseling in Spanish. Arrangements for other languages can be made in advance of the scheduled appointment. Counselors in several other languages are readily available.
  • Referrals to community social services and self-help groups.
  • Referrals to licensed outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities often at contracted, reduced rates.
  • Follow-up and case management to all persons using the EAP.
  • Group debriefing when a traumatic incident occurs.
  • Coordination with other employee benefits

All Services Are Completely Confidential
For information or assistance call 1-800-221-0945 or visit www.mylifevalues.com