Speakers Bureau

    The Office on Aging provides a network of professionals and knowledgeable volunteers who are trained and available to speak at no charge to any community group. The mission of the Speakers Bureau Network is to educate and empower individuals to enhance the quality of life for older adults. The Speakers Bureau Network has speakers who are prepared to shed some light on various topics and to give some tips on aging successfully -- and perhaps to share a smile about the inevitabilities of advancing years. Some of the common topics that members of the Speakers Bureau network can speak about are listed below.

    Adapting Your Home To Your Needs

    Advance Care Planning

    Allergies vs. cold symptoms

    Anxiety and Stress Disorders

    APS-Elder Abuse

    Arthritis overview

    Arthritis part 1- Osteoarthritis

    Arthritis part 2- Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia

    Autoimmune disorders

    Asset Protection for you, your spouse, your kids

    Balance & Fall Prevention

    Balance Loss & Fall Prevention-Home Safety

    Beyond the Basics of Estate Planning: Leaving a Legacy for Your Children

    Blood pressure overview & medication and management

    Bone Health

    Caregiver Resource Center information

    Caregiving Issues


    Cholesterol medication & management

    Choosing & Training Your Health Care Agent

    Choosing an Elder Care Community

    Civil Practice/Procedures

    Colds flu and Shingles

    Conflict Management

    Cooking Fire

    Constipation & Diarrhea medication & management

    COPD medication and management

    Criminal Law Issues


    Dementia facility design and layout

    Dementia Overview

    Disaster Preparedness

    Disaster Planning for Seniors

    (This Topic requires 6 weeks advanced notice and 20+ confirmed attendees to schedule a presentation)

    Disease States and Medication

    Drowning Prevention

    Drug Interaction with Prescription and OTC Drugs

    Ergonomics & Body Mechanics-Basics to Help Prevent

    Back Pain & Other Injuries

    Emotions, mood, and pain

    Enhancing Communication with Individuals with Disabilities

    Estate Planning

    Fall Prevention in Seniors

    Family Law Issues

    Feet disorders

    Fire Safety

    Flu overview

    Fostering Positive Relationships

    Fraudulent Medicare Billing

    Fraud relating to Social Security Administration Issues

    General Physical Therapy

    Getting Organized


    Grief and Loss

    Health Insurance Counseling

    Healthy Aging

    Healthy Aging: Brain Health as You Age, and What You Should Know

    Health scams

    Heart Health

    Healthy feet

    Hoarding Issues

    Holiday blues and depression

    Home Escape Plans

    Housing Discrimination

    How to Clean with Green Products

    How to get the most from a MD visit

    How to find the best home values in Orange County

    How to Help A Hoarder In Your Family

    How to make the most of your MD visit

    How to Pick A Cleaning Company to Ensure Your Safety

    Legal Workshop

    Living Forward After the Death of a Spouse

    Meal Time & Dementia Care

    Medicare Fraud


    Medication Management

    Medication Safety

    Medication scams

    Memory loss medication & management

    Mobility Aids: Safety & Maintenance

    Normal vs. Abnormal Aging


    "Oh My Aching Feet"

    Osteoporosis overview

    Pain: causes and control

    Pain medication and management

    Perpetrated Scams on Seniors & Persons with Disabilities

    Practical Facts of Home Safety

    Pre-diabetes medication and management

    Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options for Arthritis

    Probate Avoidance

    Program/procedure/mission statement development

    Property Issues

    Protecting your house and financial assets

    Protection from Medical Identity Theft

    Reasonable accommodations and modification, and upcoming trainings

    Renting vs. selling the house

    Rheumatic Diseases

    Reporting Suspicious Billing Issues

    Retreat planning and presentation

    Reverse Mortgage: Benefits and Considerations for The Seniors Quality of Life

    Safe sex and the older adult

    Self-Advocacy for Individuals w/Disabilities

    Seniors and Safe Driving

    Services for Seniors in Orange County

    Skin disorders and cancer

    Sleep disorders

    Smoke Alarms

    Social Security Enumeration

    Social Security Programs (i.e. Retirement, Medicare, Disability, Survivors Benefits, and SSI)

    Stages of Dementia

    Stem Cell Treatments/Therapy

    Tenant and Landlord rights and responsibilities

    The Stem Cell Revolution

    Thyroid disorders

    Training development, design, presentation

    Understanding Communication Changes

    Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

    Understanding Dementia-Related Behaviors

    Urinary Health

    Vaccines- why bother?

    Vision disorders

    Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Supplements

    Walker Etiquette

    What is Geriatric Care Management?


    Wills and Trusts

    Understanding Vision Loss


      If you would like to schedule a presentation from the list above, please call the Office on Aging Info Line, (800) 510-2020, and ask for the Speakers Bureau Network representative.