OC Parks Fees

OC Parks is temporarily suspending the purchase of annual passes.

Given the necessary COVID-19 parks closures, all OC Parks Annual Parking Passes that are valid during the closure period will have their expiration date extended due to the impacts of the closures.

Motorized Vehicle Entry and Parking Fees:

  • Monday - Friday $3 per vehicle entry.
  • Saturday and Sunday $5 per vehicle entry. ($3 per vehicle at a wilderness park or nature preserve seven days a week)

Motorized Vehicle Entry Fees for Regional Parks with Entrance Booths for holidays and special occasions are as follows:

  • Easter Sunday and Mother's Day: $7 for all parks, except Caspers
  • Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day: $7 for all parks, except Caspers and O'Neill
  • All other holidays: $3 or $5 depending on the day of the week
  • Persian New Year: $15, Mason Park only

County Beaches with Pay and Display Machines

  • Monday-Sunday $1/hour; No fee for vehicles with disabled license plates or placard

Note: Commercial Buses: $30 per bus.

See the links at the bottom of this page for a list of the 2013 revised fee schedule.

Note: Previous fee waivers and exemption status granted to nonprofit and handicapped groups are no longer in effect.