About Us

Protect and enrich the community through efficient delivery and maintenance of public works infrastructure, planning, and development services.

Provide excellent, innovative, and professional public works projects and services to our community.

Integrity, Accountability, Service and Trust

  • Authorized Positions: 921
  • Unincorporated County Area: 205 square miles
  • Roadways: 340 miles
  • Flood Channels: 380 miles
  • Dams: 4
  • Pump Stations: 7
APWA OC Public Works is proud to be an American Public Works Association Accredited Agency.

OC Public Works is a County of Orange department consisting of 10 service areas:

Customer Services

  • Administrative Services
    Financial, administrative and information technology operations.
  • OC Development Services
    Planning and development oversight of project entitlement requirements.
  • OC Facilities Design & Construction
    Architectural and engineering related services in support of vertical capital projects and programs.
  • OC Facilities Maintenance & Central Utility Facility (CUF)
    Maintenance management services, after-hours emergency support, building automation and utility management.
  • OC Fleet Services
    Vehicle management services to over 3,000 County-owned vehicles and equipment.

Engineering Services

  • OC Construction
    Construction management services for road and flood control capital improvement projects.
  • OC Environmental Resources
    Manages OC Watersheds and OC Agricultural Commissioner/ Sealer of Weights and Measures.
  • OC Infrastructure Programs
    Engineering for roadways in unincorporated areas and regional flood control programs.
  • OC Operations & Maintenance
    Operation and maintenance of public infrastructure.
  • OC Survey
    Surveying and mapping services.