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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - Planning Application PA120037

PROPOSAL: The Esperanza Hills Project proposes a General Plan Amendment from 5 Open Space to 1B Suburban Residential and a Zone Change from A1 Agricultural and A1-(O) Agricultural with an Oil Production Overlay to S Specific Plan, and adoption of the Esperanza Hills Specific Plan in order to develop a maximum of 340 single-family dwellings and associated infrastructure on 468.9 acres of vacant land. The Project will be developed with the following acreages: (1) maximum of 114 acres for useable residential pad area, (2) minimum of 129 acres as natural open space, (3) minimum of 12.8 acres with landscaped parks/detention basins, and (4) minimum of 126 acres for landscaped and irrigated slopes. The remainder of  the site acreage will be developed with streets, sidewalks, water reservoirs, and associated uses.

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