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SUBJECT: Public Hearing on Planning Application PA120037 for a General Plan Amendment, Zone Change, adoption of a Specific Plan, and certification of Revised Final Environmental Impact Report 616 (Revised FEIR 616).

PROPOSAL: OC Development Services/Planning is recommending that the Orange County Planning Commission:
1) consider the adequacy of Revised FEIR 616, prepared for the Esperanza Hills Project and revised to update the greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis and mitigation measures pursuant to a trial court decision in
Protect Our Homes and Hills, et al. v. County of Orange, et al. Case No. 30-2015-00797300and make
a recommendation that the Board of Supervisors certify Revised Final EIR 616 and adopt the findings, facts in support of findings, statement of overriding considerations and mitigation monitoring and
reporting plan for the project; 2) recommend Board approval of a General Plan Amendment from 5
Open Space to 1B Suburban Residential; and, 3) recommend Board approval of a Zone Change from A1 Agricultural and A1-(O) Agricultural with an Oil Production Overlay to S Specific Plan, and adoption of the Esperanza Hills Specific Plan.

The Esperanza Hills project, previously approved by the Board on June 2, 2015, is being reviewed by the Planning Commission prior to being reconsidered by the Board in light of the decision in Protect Our Homes and Hills, et al. v. County of Orange, et al. Case No. 30-2015-00797300. The project is consistent with the prior proposal in that it proposes the development of a maximum of 340 single- family dwellings and associated infrastructure on 468.9 acres of vacant land. However, the Specific Plan would revise the previously approved project public access to Stonehaven Drive (utilizing a bridge across Blue Mud Canyon), include an emergency-only access to Via Del Agua and extend the emergency access roadway further into the development area of the project.

LOCATION: The project site is located north of Via Del Agua and east of San Antonio Road within unincorporated
Orange County and within the City of Yorba Linda Sphere of Influence (APN # 351-031-04, 351-031-
06, and 326-031-06). The nearest major cross streets are Yorba Linda Boulevard and Via Del Agua. The project is located within the Third (3rd) Supervisorial District.

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