Encroachment Permit Submittal Process

Encroachment Permits are used for a broad range of activities that occur in or upon the  County Right- of- Way (public streets, roads, sidewalks, and alleys).  Activities in the Right-of-Way (ROW) such as special events, filming, and storage of equipment/materials may all require an encroachment permit. In addition to the ROW, use of County property or Flood Control District property, may also require applicants to obtain encroachment permits.

Examples of encroachment permits include but are not limited to:

  • Access to County road/facilities  
  • Driveway and sidewalk improvements 
  • Filming/Photography Permits
  • Transportation Encroachments 
  • Bus Stop, Bench and Shelter Permits 
  • Street Storage Bins/Stockpiling 
  • Refuse Container Bins
  • Access to Flood Control District Property
  • Sewer laterals and drains
  • Road or Traffic Lane Closures                                
  • Wireless Communication Permits
  • Holiday Decoration Permits          
  • Refuse Container Bins

How to Submit a Permit Application

Applicants or their authorized representatives may fill out an encroachment permit application either in person, or via email. The application form must be accompanied by payment of the  appropriate fees. Other documents may be required in addition to the permit application, such as: project design plans, site plans, location map, surety bonds, liability insurance, environmental documentation, and other related documents. Requirements may vary per type of permit. To find the requirements of the desired permit click on checklist or contact our office at phone icon(714) 667-8888

Forms and Applications

Encroachment Permit application forms can be found here.

Fees and Payment

The permit application fee, required to begin the application process is $66.95 and is non-refundable. Actual permit fees are based on the County Fee Ordinance which was adopted by the Board of Supervisors effective on May 1, 2015. Additionally a surety deposit may be required. The surety deposit is fully refundable upon successful compliance with the terms of the permit.
Accepted methods of payment for an Encroachment permit are credit card, cash, check, or money order (payable to County of Orange) for most fees. If you are paying by credit card (Visa/Mastercard), you must also complete the Credit Card Authorization Form. Once you have downloaded and completed the Encroachment Permit application form and, if applicable, the Credit Card Authorization Form, bring these documents and the appropriate payment to the County Service Center located at 601 N. Ross Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701.  Phone  phone icon (714) 667-8888.

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