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PA160055 - In and Out Burger/Chick-fil-A

PA160055 - In and Out Burger/Chick-fil-A

Vacant site at 17th Street at Tustin Avenue

The project involves the construction of an approximate 4,800 square-foot Chick-fil-A and an approximate 3,900 square-foot In-N-Out Burger restaurant buildings, associated drive-through facilities and 96 surface parking spaces to be shared between the uses, as well as landscaping and required utilities. Additionally, the project proposes to remove/relocate/bury overhead electrical wires and one utility pole, and construct an additional northbound deceleration along Tustin Avenue.

1. Notice of Intent
2. 17th and Tustin ISMND 7-15-19
3. Appendices

4. PA160055 - 17th & Tustin - Plan Set 4.19.19

Contact Person: 
Kevin Canning, OC Development Services
300 N. Flower Street, Santa Ana, CA 92702-4048
Phone  phone icon  (714) 667-8847 or Email envelope