Central Utility Facility Infrastructure Upgrade Project

About the Central Utility Facility (CUF) Infrastructure Upgrade Project

The Central Utility Facility (CUF) is owned and operated by the County of Orange and is located in the Santa Ana Civic Center area. The facility currently provides various combinations of steam, chilled water, and electricity to County, City, State and Federal buildings in the Civic Center campus 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. 

The CUF Infrastructure Upgrade Project includes upgrading aging equipment systems at the CUF and utility pipes in the Santa Ana Civic Center area (installed in 1968) with more energy efficient and environmentally responsible systems. Replacement of the aging equipment will improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of utility services for Civic Center facilities that serve the public and government agencies.

In 1968, the County of Orange commissioned the CUF to distribute purchased electricity along with generating and distributing steam and chilled water to various Civic Center facilities. In 2009, the Cogeneration Project (Cogen) was completed at the CUF and started producing electrical power through a reliable and cost saving alternative to the electricity purchased from the local utility company. 


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