The Orange County Flood Control District (OCFCD), established May 23rd , 1927 under authorization of the Orange County Flood Control Act, Chapter 723 of the State of California Statutes of 1927, was created to provide: control of flood and storm waters of the district (which is the boundary of the County of Orange) and of streams flowing into the district (such as: the Santa Ana River or San Juan Creek); to mitigate the effects of tides and waves; and to protect the harbors, waterways, public highways and property in the district from such waters.

The Orange County Flood Control District, administered by the Orange County OC Public Works (OC Public Works), is governed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors. OCFCD is a political entity that has no employees, but owns land, and assesses an annual benefit on all taxable real property in Orange County (not to exceed $0.20 on each $100 of assessed value or 0.2% of collected real property tax). Because OCFCD has no specific employees, the District and its property are administered, maintained, and operated by OC Public Works staff who are in turn employed by the County of Orange.

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