Flood Programs is comprised of Floodplain Management,  Hydrology and the Santa Ana River Section.

Floodplain Management consists of preparing facilities studies; assisting other OCPW groups with review of hydraulics; review and advises on Letter of Map Revisions; coordinates with FEMA for new FIRM maps and LOMC’s; prepares dam inundation studies; coordinates with CA DSOD; prepares levee recertification/accreditation studies; leads the Community Rating System for Orange County; advises on concepts impacting OCFCD right-of-way; and assists other groups for water quality projects.  
Hydrology establishes design discharges for regional flood control channels through the preparation of hydrology reports; coordinates and approves hydrology studies and flood control runoff management plans for regional flood control facilities completed by private developers; provides assistance on the interpretation of criteria of the Orange County Hydrology Manual and its Addendum; and provides hydrologic review and support to public agencies, other OC Public Works units and consultants who use the Orange County Hydrology Manual.

The Santa Ana River section manages all projects, funding and real estate acquisitions related to the Santa Ana River Mainstem (SARM) Project. OCFCD and County of Orange have been the non-Federal sponsors of the SARM along with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Federal Sponsor, on this major project.  Over the years, improvements to the flood control system have been completed that includes Lower and Upper Santa Ana River, Seven Oaks Dam and Prado Dam.