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Road Infrastructure Maintenance

The maintained road system within the unincorporated County of Orange is comprised of 320 centerline miles of pavement which includes 254 miles of local residential streets and 60 miles of arterial highways. The County maintains all the features of the road system within its right-of-way (excepting utilities) which include everything from street sweeping and fence repair to crack sealing and pavement overlays. The road system is monitored daily by the Operations and Maintenance Inspection Section staff and work orders are continually generated for County work crews and contractor to perform any required maintenance.

There are many private streets within the unincorporated portions of the County. These streets are not a part of the County road system and are the responsibility of the individual land owners or a community homeowners' association for any maintenance.

If you are within a private community where you are paying association fees, your homeowner's association arranges and performs your road maintenance. If you are not sure whether you are within the unincorporated County maintained road system, please refer to our listing of maintained streets within the Road Index database listing.