Edinger Avenue Bridge Project - FAQ

Edinger Avenue Bridge Project - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the Edinger Avenue Bridge located?
    The bridge is located near Huntington Harbour at the west end of Edinger Avenue. The bridge spans over the Bolsa Chica Channel between the cities of Seal Beach and Huntington Beach.
  2. What does the project involve?

The project will include:

  • Replacing the existing timber bridge over the Bolsa Chica Channel with a new bridge
  • Raising the profile of the bridge approximately six (6) feet
  • Re-profiling the roadway from approximately 300-feet east of the channel to 200-feet west of the channel
  • Installing decorative lighting along the south bridge barrier railing to enhance nighttime safety
  • Realigning a 215-foot portion of Countess Drive, which intersects with Edinger Avenue east of the bridge
  • Placing rock material at the west bridge abutment for channel/slope protection
  • Constructing drainage improvements to intercept water runoff from the bridge

The new bridge will span 340 feet and will be 48.5 feet wide, accommodating two 12-foot travel lanes, two 8-foot shoulders and a 5-foot wide sidewalk on the south side of the bridge.

3. Why is a new bridge needed?
The existing bridge was constructed as a temporary access structure to the marina. The wood piles below the roadway have been degraded due to marine borers and it cannot support vehicles weighing over seven (7) tons. Replacing the bridge will ensure continued driver, pedestrian and bicyclist access to/from the marina, allow vehicles with heavier loads to access the bridge, and protect the bridge from future flooding events.

4. When will the project start and when will it be completed?
Begin: April 2017
Anticipated completion: Spring 2019

The project will occur in phases in order to ensure continued access to/from the Sunset Aquatic Marina (see question 6 below). This schedule is tentative and could change due to weather and other factors.

5. What are the construction work days and hours?
Monday – Friday, 7 am – 4 pm

6. Will the existing bridge be fully closed and will access to the Sunset Aquatic Marina be restricted at any time?
No. One lane will be open to ensure continued access (there may be infrequent times when traffic will be stopped for several minutes while materials are installed). To ensure continued access to/from the marina, demolition of the existing bridge and construction of the new bridge will be performed one lane at a time. Work will occur in the following phases:

  • A temporary, non-public access trestle “bridge” will be constructed next to the existing bridge for project crew access and construction activities.
  • One lane of the existing bridge will be demolished while the other lane will remain in order to provide uninterrupted access to/from the marina.
  • One lane of the new bridge will then be constructed adjacent to the existing, open lane.
  • Then, the new bridge lane will be open while the second lane of the existing bridge is demolished.
  • The second lane of the new bridge will then be constructed while the other lane already constructed continues to be open.

Traffic control measures and personnel will be in place to safely guide the flow of two-way traffic using one open lane during construction activities (one direction of traffic at a time).

7. Will there be sufficient space for boat trailers and emergency vehicles crossing the bridge during construction? What is the maximum trailer/vehicle width allowable during construction?
The maximum width of the travel lane during construction will be 12 feet.

8. Will the new bridge also have wood support piles or will it use a different design?
The new bridge will have concrete support piles.

9. Where will construction equipment be stored (“staged”) when work is not occurring?
The construction equipment will be store on the vacant land adjacent to Countess Drive on the east side of the Bolsa Chica Channel.

10. Marina visitors and tenants also use the bridge at night. Will there be lighting along the bridge during construction?
Yes. Lighting will be provided during construction to enhance safety during nighttime hours.

11. Who can I contact if I have questions and where can I get project updates?
Project web site:
OC Public Works:

714-245-4500 (OC Construction at OC Public Works)