OC Road Fee Programs

The County of Orange has seven active Road Fee Programs.  Each Road Fee Program has a specific Area of Benefit (AOB) that determines if a road fee is associated with the building permit application.  Each Road Fee Program also has its own fee schedule which imposes road fee(s) on the building permits for new developments and redevelopments that increase the number of equivalent dwelling units (EDUs) or non-residential / commercial square footage.

Application of Road Fee(s)

Road fee(s) are applied at the time of the building permit issuance.  All land use types will be determined by the County of Orange or City Planner and that land use type is used to calculate the appropriate road fee(s). 

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Fees

To calculate the Road fee(s) for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU), new legislation requires a mathematical computation for permits issued on or after January 1, 2020.  Please click here for the County of Orange's interpretation of the law which cannot be cited in documentation as fact.

Road Fee Program Allowed Exemptions

Tax exempt properties with a current claim form, please click here.
Government-owned facilities or utilities to the extent the facilities will not be used for generating revenue or for commercial purposes.

Road Fee Program Assistance

To inquire which Fee Program(s) fall within your city boundaries, please click here.  To locate the road fee(s) associated to an address, please click here.

Quarterly Remittance Form

For cities that require quarterly deposits of road fees to be sent to the County of Orange, please click here and fill out this form to send along with any deposits.

Road Fee Protest

For parties wishing to protest the payment for road fee(s), please click here.

Road Fee Project Criteria

To determine if a new project is subject to road fee(s), please click here and view the submission requirements.