Capital Projects

Right of Way Engineering is an integral part of any public works project, also known as a capital project. This could be a new road, flood control facility or park. It could also be an addition or modification to an existing facility. Right of Way Engineering works closely with the design engineers to identify the parcel boundaries needed for each project. Once the boundaries are established the following work is done by Right of Way Engineering:

  1. Legal descriptions are prepared by the staff then reviewed and signed by the manager or his/her designated representative, a Licensed Surveyor, for parcels to be conveyed to the County.
  2. Maps (8 ½" x 11") or (24"x 36") drawn at no smaller than 100 scale showing adequate data to locate the boundaries of such parcels.
  3. Traverse closures for all parcels showing area and error of closure.
  4. A preliminary title report covering such parcels that is to be no older that 90 days and that was requested solely for County's use.
  5. Memos requesting the following will be sent out:
    1. California Environmental Quality Act [CEQA]
    2. County or City General Plan Conformity findings. [GPC]
    3. Hazardous Materials Assessment (including a current Transfer Disclosure Statement).
  6. Plot all easements affecting the parcels to be obtained by the County.
  7. Prepare acquisition packages that will be sent to OC Public Works/Real Estate Services. They will do the actual acquisition and Right of Way Engineering will continue to provide technical assistance.