Lot Line Adjustments

For details, view the Lot Line Adjustment Manual.pdf (8.86MB)

Lot Line Adjustments - Definition

A Lot Line Adjustment is a procedure that may be used under certain specified circumstances as a method for making minor revisions to property lines between two or more existing building sites. The Lot Line Adjustment is not a procedure for subdividing property (County of Orange Subdivision Manual Subarticle 16.1).

The municipalities we provide LLA checking for are: Unincorporated, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Lake Forest, La Habra, Laguna Woods, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach (Newport Coast only), Rancho Santa Margarita and Westminster. (view pricing)

An application for a Lot Line Adjustment (LLA) can be obtained at the OC Public Works OC Planning Subdivision & Grading Services Public Counter. The application package includes:

  1. Submittal Checklist for Lot Line Adjustments
  2. PDS/Subdivision & Grading Services Filing Instructions pamphlet (6 pages)
  3. Preliminary Change of Ownership Form
  4. The Lot Line Adjustment form (6 pages)

Items C & D need to be filled out and returned to the OC Public Works PDS/S & G/Public Services Counter with appropriate fee (indicated on the checklist). Submittal Checklist for Lot Line Adjustment:

  1. There are PDS fees required for LLA processing. Contact OC Public Works PDS for more information.
    • Map Checking/County Surveyor - $867.00 Base Deposit and $173.00/parcel  
  2. Application for Lot Line Adjustment (completed, signed and notarized by record owners), Exhibit A (legal description) Exhibit B (map, including legend), and Site Plan (showing existing structures and easements).
  3. Applicant shall provide evidence that establishes the subject property as legal parcels.
  4. Letter addressed to the Manager, OC Public Works PDS/Subdivision & Grading Services including:
    • Reason for requesting a Lot Line Adjustment
    • Existing zoning on the property
    • Required building site area per zoning
    • Proposed building site area on each parcel
  5. Submit to OC Survey Office:
    • Ownership Guarantee from Title Company
    • Completed Grant Deeds or Quitclaim Deeds (preliminary)
    • Change of Ownership Report (forms attached)
    • Modified Trust Deeds and/or Reconveyance Deeds, if applicable
    • Record of Survey per PLS Act Section 8762
    • Letter of Consent