Mandated Projects

Developers are sometimes conditioned to dedicate certain rights to the County as a condition of development. These dedications are usually done on tract and parcel maps. When the dedication cannot be done on a map it is processed by the Right of Way Engineering Section. The following information (underlined text is hyperlinked to provide examples) is required to be submitted to Right of Way Engineering to begin the processing:
  1. Legal descriptions signed by a Licensed Surveyor, for parcels to be conveyed to the County.
  2. Maps (8 ½" x 11") or (24"x 36") drawn at no smaller than 100 scale showing adequate data to locate the boundaries of such parcels.
  3. Traverse closures for all parcels showing area and error of closure.
  4. A preliminary title report covering such parcels that is to be no older that 90 days and that was requested solely for County's use.
  5. Evidence of developer's satisfaction of the requirements of:
    1. California Environmental Quality Act [CEQA]
    2. County or City General Plan Conformity findings. [GPC]
    3. Hazardous Materials Assessment (including a current Transfer Disclosure Statement).
  6. Copy of conditions of approval with conditions identified that requires conveyance of real property interest to the County.

Processing by Right of Way Engineering will include the following:

  1. Legal descriptions and maps will be reviewed for correctness.
  2. Legal descriptions and maps will be attached to the necessary deeds conveying real property interests to "County".
  3. Title reports will be reviewed and used to prepare documents to eliminate or subordinate to the County's interest objectionable or incompatible encumbrances. Upon completion of the project OC Public Works staff will request a policy of title insurance covering the County's newly acquired interests, with premium to be paid by developer.
  4. County will prepare the necessary deed(s) and forward to the developer to obtain execution. If signing on behalf of a corporation, two signatures of two different officers are required.
  5. Upon return, executed documents will be sent to the Board of Supervisors or Director, OC Public Works for acceptance.