Street Name and Street Name Changes in OC Unincorporated Areas

For questions regarding street names or street name changes in the unincorporated areas of Orange County, please contact:

Cameron Welch

envelope    |   phone icon  714.667.1641 


  • Public Street - $1,757.00 + $47.00/per each address
  • Private Street - $1,757.00 + $47.00/per each address

To name a public or private street within an unrecorded Tract for Parcel Map, submit a location map showing Tract/Parcel Map boundary and interior street configuration. Label each street with the preferred name and supply a list of alternate names in the event the first choice is unavailable. To change a street name, to name a public or private street or name an unnamed street within a Tract/Parcel Map the following is required:

1. Send a letter to:

Attn: Cameron Welch
County of Orange 
601 N. Ross Street 
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Please provide:

  • The reason a street name change is being proposed
  • A location map indicating streets affected
  • A list of names and alternate names to use if the first choice name is not available.

2. Send a form letter on company letterhead to the Traffic Committee and fees (for the form letter and information on fees, call Cameron Welch).

Note: The process can take approximately 3 to 4 months.

Street Name Change Fees: