South Orange County IRWM Program


Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) is a collaborative effort to identify and implement water management solutions on a regional scale that increase regional self-reliance, reduce conflict, and manage water to concurrently achieve social, environmental, and economic objectives. IRWM is the application of Integrated Water Management (IWM) principles on a regional scale.

Water Planning in South Orange County

Agencies and stakeholders have collaborated over the past decade through IRWM Planning to prioritize for funding and implement multi-benefit water projects that meet the goals of the IRWM Plan and improve local water resources. The South Orange County IRWM Group has successfully applied for and received funding for 24 projects; for more information about projects funded through the IRWM Program, visit our Funded Projects  tab within our Data Management System (DMS).

How to Get Involved

Our Data Management System (DMS) is a website that provides all the information you need to get involved, including the IRWM Plan, project submission forms, the current project list, and stakeholder involvement information. Please visit the DMS at  

For more information about plan structure and content, please visit the IRWM Plan tab within our DMS.

2013 Final and Approved SOC WMA IRWMP

At its July 18, 2013 meeting the SOC WMA Executive Committee, comprising of an elected official from each of the member organizations, voted to adopt the 2013 IRWM Final Plan. The 2013 IRWM Final Plan developed objectives, strategies, and implementation projects to achieve five goals in an integrated fashion: improving water quality, integrating flood management, increasing water supply and reliability, promoting water use efficiency, and protecting natural resources. Strategies covered topics such as flood management; urban runoff management; watershed management; water use efficiency; water supply and reliability; recycled water; habitat preservation, conservation, and restoration; water quality protection and improvement; and resource stewardship. Adoption of the 2013 IRWM Plan, however, does not commit any WMA member to any of the specific projects but rather establishes a planning framework to look at a range of projects on a watershed level.  The individual sections of the 2013 Final Approved IRWM Plan can be accessed here.