County of Orange Earth Day Cleanup Event

Trash is polluting our creeks, rivers, bays, and ocean. This year, encourage everyone in your household to help to keep our waterways healthy. 

Earth Day 2020

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 will mark Earth Day's 50th anniversary.

2020 Virtual Stay-at-Home Earth Day Clean Up Event

Due to restrictions imposed by the Orange County Health Care Agency regarding COVID-19 for the purposes of protecting public health, the previously scheduled 2020 Lower Santa Ana River Earth Day Clean-Up event has been cancelled. For more information on the order, click here.

Even though we won’t be meeting as a group on Earth Day this year, everybody can still participate in the Virtual Stay-at-Home Earth Day Clean-Up Event!
Every little bit can help our earth at this time, so anything you can do safely, and within the confines of the County Health Officer’s Orders, is bound to make a difference.

Our Trash Free OC survey works with ESRI’s Survey123 app and will allow you to share your location, a picture and description of the trash you pick up and the number of individuals that partcipated with you. You can use the app to capture all your hard work and commitment to our planet; not only on Earth Day, but any day of the year!

To get started, visit where you can link to the Survey123 mobile app or desktop version. Once you have the app downloaded to your smart phone, go back to the link above to launch the app with Orange County’s Trash Free OC survey.

Encourage members of your household to participate, while maintaining appropriate social distancing, and please be sure to abide by the following Safety Tips while participating in the County’s Virtual Stay-at-Home Earth Day Cleanup Event!

Safety Tips

Before you begin:

  • Ensure that it is safe and permissible by local authorities to be outside.
  • Always follow health and safety ordinances before heading outside. If you live in an area where you can be outside, be sure to practice social distancing and robust sanitation practices (e.g. wash your hands, wear gloves, face protection, disinfect equipment) before, during, and after your cleanup.
  • Choose a safe location. Select a place where it is less likely you will be around other people.
  • Always do your cleanup in daylight and when weather conditions are suitable.

While you are picking up trash:

  • Per CDC recommendations, you are encouraged to wear a face covering when you are outside the home. For more information, visit:
  • Be sure to work in a safe fashion, utilizing appropriate safety measures
  • Only pick up litter that is safe to handle and can be easily disposed of or recycled.
  • Use rakes or grabbers to retrieve trash. Do not touch it with your bare hands.

After the cleanup:

  • Use social media to show what you are doing to keep your neighborhood clean. Use the hashtags: #TrashFreeOC2020, #GreatGlobalCleanup, #EarthDay2020

Thank you for participating in Orange County’s Virtual Stay-at-Home Earth Day Clean-Up Event!

Picking up trash is just one thing to do to make a difference. There are a variety of ways for you to participate (while maintaining appropriate social distance, and from your home), including these options here:

Download and share
our event flyer!

For additional information, please contact:

Suzan Given
, Environmental Scientist
(714) 955-0654

clean up day 2020

For additional information, please contact:

Suzan Given, Environmental Scientist
phone icon (714) 955-0654