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Businesses Licensed by the Sheriff's Department:
  • The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department is dedicated to providing the residents of Orange County with relevant and timely information regarding the services the department offers. This site is designed to give general information as well as specific requirements regarding applying for a Business license from the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department.

    Contact Us

    Business License line:  714-834-5503 or
    Business License Fax:  714-834-5822
    Sheriff’s General line:  714-834-5100


    The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department Business licensing desk is located at 320 N. Flower Street, Santa Ana.  The office is open Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (with the exception of County holidays).

    The mailing address is: 

    Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department
    Attn: Business Licensing Desk
    PO Box 449
    Santa Ana, CA  92702

    Businesses Licensed by the Sheriff's Department:

    • Bingo Games
    • Bingo Official
    • Canvasser/Solicitor
    • Coin Dealer
    • Dance Instructor
    • Dance Studio
    • Escort
    • Escort Bureau
    • Figure Model (Nude)
    • Figure Model (Studio)
    • Gun Dealer
    • Interlocutrix (Nude)
    • Interlocutrix Studio
    • Junk Collector
    • Junk Dealer
    • Massagist
    • Peddler
    • Pool Room
    • Public Bath/Massage Parlor
    • Public Dance
    • Rap Session (Nude)
    • Secondhand Dealer
    • Taxicab Stand
Can I do a ride-along with OCSD?
The Orange County Sheriff Department's ride-along program is offered primarily to residents and those employed by the County; to include Professional Staff, County Employees, Sheriff Reserve Deputies, and Sheriff Explorers. Every attempt will be made to accommodate interested persons: however, any applicant may be disqualified without cause.

A resident may submit a ride-along request form, however, a background check will be conducted and there is no guarantee a ride will be authorized. Authorization for the ride is granted by the Division Commander.
How can I provide feedback about my interaction with OCSD?

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is inviting all residents, business owners and visitors to Orange County to complete our Community Survey to tell us about your interaction with us. This survey is one method of achieving a more open forum for communication and feedback from citizens. Those that complete this survey will provide us with information that will help us to continue to provide a high level service in the community.

Thank you for taking the time to #TellOCSD!

How do I commend an employee?

The department considers its relations with the community to be of paramount importance and encourages citizens to express their opinions regarding the performance, professionalism, and conduct of our employees. We particularly appreciate it when the public takes the time to commend our employees for a job well done. If you would like to commend a Sheriff’s Department employee or make a general comment on the service you received, please download a copy of the Public Comment Notice. Commendations and comments can be delivered to any Sheriff’s Department office during business hours or mailed to the address below. Your notice will be processed and we will make sure that your comments are forwarded to the employee’s supervisor for review.

Orange County Sheriff's Department
Attn: Internal Affairs
P.O. Box 449
Santa Ana, CA 92702-9951

How do I file a complaint?

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for conducting investigations of alleged misconduct by department members while ensuring appropriate due process and Peace Officer Bill of Rights assurances are provided. The unit is also charged with overseeing the application process of concealed weapons permits and various business licensing required by County and Contract City ordinance. The department considers its relations with the community to be of paramount importance and encourages citizens to express their opinions regarding the performance, professionalism, and conduct of our employees. Below you will find a copy of our Personnel Complaint Form. Download a copy of the Personnel Complaint Form. Complaints can be mailed to:

Orange County Sheriff's Department
Attn: Internal Affairs
P.O. Box 449
Santa Ana, CA 92702-9951

What number do I call for business license-related information?
For Mission Viejo, Dana Point, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, and unincorporated areas please call (714) 834-5503.
Who do I call to register a fictitious business name?
The County Clerk (714) 834-2500.
Who do I call to obtain a resale permit?
  • State Board of Equalization (714) 558-4059.
  • Seller's Permit Information 1(800)400-7115.
Who do I call for zoning permits?
State Environmental Management Agency (714) 834-2626.
Who do I call to find out the status of a case currently under investigation by the Sheriff's Department?
  • South Orange County: (949) 425-1900
  • North Orange County (Villa Park/Unincorporated areas): (714) 647-7083
  • West Orange County (Stanton): (714) 891-2481
Civil Service Fees
  • Single Process $30.00
  • Writ of Possession $125.00
  • Till Tap $85.00
  • Claim of Defendant $30.00
  • Order for Appearance $30.00
  • Subpoena $30.00
  • Summons $30.00
Keeper Levy:
  • 8 hour $205.00 deposit
  • 48 hour $1,100.00 deposit
  • Open End $2,600.00
Vehicle Levy:
  • Standard Vehicle $1,500.00 deposit
  • Earnings Withholding Order $30.00
  • Personal Property Levy & Sale $275.00 deposit
  • Bank Levy/Garnishment $30.00
  • Real Estate $125.00
  • Bank: Escrow $30.00
  • Secretary of State $70.00 plus $10.00 checks payable to the Secretary of State
  • DMV $75.00 plus $15.00 checks payable to DMV
Real Property:
  • Writ of Sale $1,200.00 deposit
  • Writ of Execution $1,200.00 deposit
  • Release $60.00 deposit
Drugs, Alcohol and Gangs: Blood Test Results
  • How do I find out the results of a blood alcohol test? Please call (714) 834-6400.
  • How do I find out the results of a drug test? Please call (714) 834-4514.
  • Who can answer my questions about drugs and gangs? The Deputies assigned to the Orange County Sheriff's Department Community Programs Detail are available to answer questions related to drug use and gang involvement. They can be reached at (714) 647-4133.
  • How do I find out about education and awareness programs available in my area? The Orange County Sheriff's Department provides the Drug Use is Life Abuse /Project: No Gangs educational programs to schools located in areas we serve. To find out what is available in your area, please call (714) 647-4133.
  • What is the legal blood alcohol limit?
    • Adults - 0.08%
    • Zero Tolerance: below 21yrs.0.01%
    • Any blood Alcohol level or drug level if it impairs your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
  • Who can I call for drug and alcohol rehabilitation information?
    • Hotline 1-800-BE SOBER
    • Hotline Help Center 778-1000
    • Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) 549-5733
    • Self Help Alcoholics Anonymous 556-4555
    • Alcohol/Drug Abuse Services, Orange County 568-4800
    • Al-Anon/Alateen 545-1102
    • Cocaine Anonymous 650-1011
    • Marijuana Anonymous 999-9409
    • Narcotics Anonymous 776-8581
    • Nicotine Anonymous 1-800-642-0666
    • Tough Love 665-6565
Information and Referral:
  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse Services, Orange County 568-4800
  • American Cancer Society 751-0441
  • American Lung Association 835-5864
  • Asian Alcohol/Drug Counseling 973-8186
  • Drug Use Is Life Abuse 647-4593
  • Latinos Alcoholism Family Center 285-1985
  • County of Orange Health Care Agency
  • Aliso Viejo 643-6960
  • Anaheim 490-5258
  • Fullerton 447-7099
  • Costa Mesa 850-8431
  • Westminster 898-3000
  • Methadone Treatment Program 834-8600
  • Vietnamese Community Center 558-6009
Assessments-Adolescent/Adult Outpatient Services:
  • Agape Counseling 999-1161
  • Back In Control 538-2563
  • Break Through 957-8229
  • Care Unit/Starting Point 633-9582
  • Casa Del Cerro (90 day treatment) 661-1200
  • Casa Elena (Hispanic Women Only) 772-5580
  • Charter Hospital 668-9000
  • Charter Counseling Center, Irvine 668-9000
  • Choices Recovery Services, Long Beach (562) 930-0565
  • College Hospital 646-1214
  • CPC 1-800-235-5570
  • Hoag Hospital 645-8600
  • Hope House (Adult 18-30) 776-7490
  • Inpatient/Residential Services (Includes assessments)
  • Laurel House 832-0207
  • Mariposa (Women Only) 547-6494
  • Phoenix House 953-9373
  • Roque Center (Also known as Stanton Detox) 839-0608
  • Straight Talk 828-2000
  • Touchstones 639-5542
  • Tustin Hospital 838-9600
  • Unidos Recovery Home (Hispanic men only) 953-9373
When and where do I have my fingerprints taken?
Live Scans: 11 Journey, Aliso Viejo, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Monday through Friday (except holidays). Live scans are by appointment only. Please call (949) 425-1801. Cost varies per services requested.

Fingerprint Cards: 320 N. Flower Street, Santa Ana and 11 Journey, Aliso Viejo, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Monday through Friday (except holidays). No appointment is necessary. Cost is $10 for the first card and $1 for each additional card. Valid picture ID is required.

Go to to obtain fingerprint cards if needed.

Questions? Please call:
  • Santa Ana Office at (714) 834-6460
  • Aliso Viejo Office at (949) 425-1801
Where can I check for an outstanding warrant?
Select the E-services tab and use Arrest Warrants or call (714) 834-6472.
My neighbor always parks in front of my house. Can he do that?
Yes, as long as he is legally parked and it is a public street.
Will you do a welfare check?
Yes. You will need to provide us with the telephone number of the residence and your telephone number if you would like to be contacted regarding the disposition of the welfare check. For welfare checks please call (714) 647-7000.
What is the law regarding car seats for children?
  • No driver shall transport any child in a motor vehicle without providing and properly securing the child in a child passenger restraint system (approved car seat) unless the child is at least one of the following:
  • Six years of age or older.
  • Weighs 60 pounds or more.
How can I get a restraining order?
Restraining orders are issued by a Superior Court Judge. If you would like additional information regarding restraining orders please call (714) 973-0134.
How long may I park a vehicle on a public street without moving it?
72 hours
Is it legal to carry pepper spray?
Yes. It is legal to carry pepper spray without a permit for defense purposes only.
My car has been towed. How do I find out where it is being stored?
You will need to obtain the license plate number or VIN and call (714) 647-7000. The Desk Officer will be able to tell you where it was towed, and why.
Jail/Custody Information
Central Jail Complex:
  • CJC FAQ's
  • CJC Inmate Mail
  • CJC Map/Directions
  • CJC Visiting Hours
James A. Musick Facility:
  • Musick FAQ's
  • Musick Inmate Mail
  • Musick Map/Directions
  • Musick Visiting Hours
Theo Lacy Facility:
  • Theo Lacy FAQ's
  • Theo Lacy Inmate Mail
  • Theo Lacy Map/Directions
  • Theo Lacy Visiting Hours
Inmate Services:
  • Commissary FAQ's
Attorney Visiting: The official attorney visiting hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).
How can I post bail / bond for an inmate?
  • Cash bail may be paid in cash, credit or debit card, bank Cashier’s checks, personal checks, money orders, and Traveler’s checks. 
  • Effective at noon on October 9, 2012, payment of bail may be made through EZ Card and Kiosk Company. EZ Card and Kiosk offers online payments using a debit or credit card, kiosk payments (located in the lobby of both the Intake and Release Center (IRC) and the Theo Lacy Branch Jail) as well as telephone payments.
  • Bail can be posted 24/7 at the IRC Cashier's Office for inmates housed at any Orange County Sheriff’s Department Jail facility.  
  • Bail can be posted at the Theo Lacy Cashier's Office only for inmates housed at the Theo Lacy Jail.  The Theo Lacy Cashier’s Office is open from 6:30 pm until midnight Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 am until midnight Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • If the inmate is a new booking and has completed the booking process or has appeared in court and has been remanded to the custody of the Sheriff, bail can be posted at the IRC Cashier's Office at 550 N. Flower St., Santa Ana.
  • If the inmate has been sentenced, bail cannot be posted.
  • Bail/Bond information will be available approximately six hours after booking time.
How long does the release process take?
The average time is approximately 4 hours, but could be as little as 2, or as much as 6 hours.
How long after booking time are charges and bail information available?
Usually, 2 to 3 hours.
How can I get some or all of an inmate's property released to me?
  • During regular visiting days and times, simply advise the Deputy at the information desk that you need a Property Release Form Complete the form in detail and return it to the Deputy who will obtain the inmate's signature. When the form is signed, the property will be brought to the information desk. You must wait until all of the above steps have been completed. If you do not wait, the property will be returned to storage and the process will begin again when you return. Only in cases of extreme emergency can it be done outside of regular visiting days and times.
  • For more information regarding Inmate Property.
Parent/Community Groups
Numbers to Call:
  • California for Drug Free Youth 1-916-927-9894
  • Center for Drug Free Communities 505-4692
  • MADD 838-6199
  • Orange County VINE Service (Victim Information & Notification Everyday) 1-800-721-8021
  • Child Abuse Registry 1-174-940-1000
Sites to Visit:
How do I request a copy of a crime, incident or traffic report?
Request a Copy of A Report.
Can I make a phone report?
It is the policy of our Sheriff to contact every victim of a crime in person. If you are not available at the time of the incident, a deputy will respond to your location another time, at your convenience.
Sheriff Patch Requests
It is the position of the Orange County Sheriff's Department to only release shoulder patches to other law enforcement agencies for the use in an official display case. Such requests are to be submitted on the law enforcement agency's letterhead and mailed to Professional Standards Division, 550 North Flower Street, Santa Ana, CA 92703.
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