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Assembly Bill No. 2103

On September 26, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown approved Assembly Bill No. 2103, which amends Penal Code Section 26165 effective January 1, 2019. This bill requires CCW courses of training for new license applicants to be no less than eight hours, but shall not be required to exceed 16 hours in length. Assembly Bill 2103 also requires the CCW course of training for both initial and renewal applicants to include instruction on firearm handling, shooting technique, and laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm. The course must also include a demonstration, by the initial and renewal applicant, of shooting proficiency and safe handling of each firearm the applicant will be licensed to carry. The training will include live-fire exercises conducted on a firing range. To view a list of approved training providers click here.

Effective immediately, weapon qualification will consist of shooting a complete 72 round qualification (24 rounds at 3 yards, 24 rounds at 5 yards, and 24 rounds at 7 yards) with the first handgun. All subsequent handgun qualifications will consist of a 20 round qualification (10 rounds at 5 yards, and 10 rounds at 7 yards). A passing score of 70% will remain unchanged. This will be applied to both initial and renewal qualifications.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s online CCW application system is not able to process credit card transactions at this time.   Please select pay by check or money order when filling out your application.  Payments will be made at the time of license issuance.  Applicants who paid by credit card will have their full payment refunded.  All applications must be submitted online and appointment dates/time will remain in effect.

Mission Statement

The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department is dedicated to providing the residents of Orange County with relevant and timely information regarding the services the department offers. This site is designed to give general information as well as specific requirements regarding applying for a carry concealed weapon (CCW) license from the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department.

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