Information Systems

Mission Statement

Information Systems is committed to fully supporting all Divisions of the Sheriff’s Department with the honest delivery of High Quality IT Systems and Excellent Customer Service.

Information Systems Bureau (ISB) consists of five separate units:

  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Information and Security
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Project Management/Training
  • Operations and Infrastructure

The I.S.B. is responsible for all OCSD Information Technology needs including application development and support, IT Security implementation and policy, Network management and support, Server management and support, Mobile device management and support, User training, Desktop Support, Help Desk, and the operation of the Sheriff’s Data Center.

I.S.B. designed and manages the Sheriff's regional network infrastructure that connects over 50 local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in Orange County to OCSD.  These agencies connect to Orange County Automated Telecommunication Systems (OCATS) to access local, state, federal, and international law enforcement databases.

The Sheriff’s network also supports the transmission of electronic Live Scan Fingerprint submission throughout the county.  OCSD is the backup for the State’s DMV Photo System and operates a state-of-the-art Data Center.

Enterprise Application Services

This unit is comprised of Developers and System Analysts.  They design, create, and support all of the applications used within the department including the Criminal History System (ELETE), the Automated Jail System (AJS), the Automated Warrant Service System (AWSS), the Computer-Aided Dispatch System (CAD), the Records Management System (RMS), Mapping Software used by Patrol Units and Dispatch, Mobile Device Applications, and all Intranet and Internet Web Applications.  The following are some statistics:

  • OCSD has three permanent Dispatch Centers.  In addition, dispatching is set up and provided for special events and the annual Orange County Fair.
  • OCSD tracks over 250,000 CAD incidents per year.
  • Approximately 60,000 reports are generated each year from the CAD incidents.
  • 400 RMS users in seven locations run over 11,000 queries per month.
  • Mobile versions of the CAD, Mapping, and ELETE systems are installed in over 300 patrol vehicles.
  • OCATS, AJS, and AWSS averages over 20 million transactions a month combined, or about 750,000 transactions a day.

Information and Security

This unit oversees network security for the Sheriff's department. They are responsible for keeping the Department’s IT security compliant as mandated by State and Federal CJIS policy in order to access information in Law Enforcement databases.  They are responsible to have the proper safety measures and internal policies in place to protect us from all Cyber Threats.  Included in their area of responsibility are Firewall Management, Active Directory Management, Internet access web filtering, desktop and server security implementation, mobile system encryption, and providing security guidance to various IT projects. The following are some statistics:

  • OCSD filters an average 125 Gigabytes of web traffic each day
  • Our Active Directory maintains over 4,000 network user accounts
  • We maintain security on over 2,300 desktop and mobile systems

Customer Service and Support

Comprised of Desktop Support and the 24-hour Internal Help Desk, this unit deploys and maintains all department computers, printers, and other peripherals at 45 OCSD locations.  The Help Desk is the first point of contact for computer, software or network problems for all Sheriff's Department employees as well as a number of outside law enforcement agencies throughout the county. The staff provides onsite systems monitoring for critical applications and the network.

Mobile data computers were first acquired through a combination of county funds and the COPS MORE grant in 2002. Originally, there were 210 patrol units and 100 laptops. Currently, we have over 500 computers connecting wirelessly throughout the county. These users have nationwide access to law enforcement data, as well as the common desktop tools such as email and shared drives.  Desktop Support process over 20,000 support calls per year.

Project Management and Training

This unit provides a liaison role between the Sheriff's Department, the Department of Justice, and over 50 criminal justice agencies within Orange County that connect to the Sheriff’s Department for their law enforcement data access. This calls for regular interaction with users, programmers, network specialists, vendor representatives, and analysts on application and access related issues. This requires analyzing, testing, resolving, coordinating, training, advising, and advocating connectivity, misuse, enhancements and security.

Operations and Infrastructure

This unit supports all enterprise servers, enterprise storage, email services, network infrastructure, and mobile devices. 

OCSD has a combination of physical and virtual servers requiring constant monitoring, patching, and updates.  We have sophisticated enterprise storage system required for fast access and reliability.  This unit ensures all systems are running optimally and securely. 

The OCSD Regional Network connects more than 10,000 users at over 45 OCSD facilities and 50 criminal justice partner agencies. This translates to approximately 4400 Sheriff Users as well as CLETS access support for 10,000 plus users countywide.  This unit is responsible for the designing, planning, implementation, administration and support of this network. This network and its traffic is monitored 24/7 to support the 24/7 operations of OCSD.  This unit also provides assistance to the 50 plus outside agencies in Orange County that use CLETS.