Central Men's and Women's Jails

 Central Jails Division Seal

Capt Lisa Von Nordheim
Captain Lisa Von Nordheim

Mission Statement

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s Custody and Courts Command is dedicated to providing safe and secure facilities for those entrusted to our care. It is ingrained in our departmental character to uphold the law and is professionally delivered with the utmost integrity. We remain ever diligent to the citizens of the County of Orange with the confidence our staff remain professional in the performance of their duties and vigilant in their efforts to safeguard the community.


The Central Men’s and Central Women’s Jail opened in November of 1968 and are traditional linear style (cell block and dormitory) facilities which house both sentenced and pre-trial maximum security inmates. The Central Men’s Jail houses 1428 inmates and Central Women’s Jail houses 386 inmates.

Inmates have access to television, outdoor recreation, local newspapers, mail, commissary purchases (minor grocery store food items and sundries), and special programs. Inmates also receive medical, mental health, and dental care. Religious services, vocational, and educational programs are also offered. Public visiting is also available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays each week. Sentenced inmates may be eligible to perform work in the facility kitchen or labor crews and receive “work-time” credits to reduce their sentences. Eligible inmates may qualify for the Community Work Program or Electronic Monitoring Program.

The Central Men’s Jails is the home to “CJ1”, a dedicated courtroom for arraignments which is located inside security. It is a productive partnership between the Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Public Defender.