Gang Enforcement

This Unit has been specifically structured to support gang repression by pro-actively engaging in street suppression activities. Through the use of directed patrol, and the gathering of gang-related information, deputies assigned to GET are able to focus their attention on those gangs indigenous to or routinely operating within the Sheriff’s Department purview. Evenly divided between north and South Orange County, the unit is broken down into six (6) two-man teams. Each two-man team concentrates its resources in a specific geographical and tactical area of responsibility. In this way teams are more easily able to develop a close working relationship with the community so vital to stopping gang violence. Each team compiles a thorough knowledge of the gangs and their members who are in the area. They can quickly respond to shifts in the structures of any of these groups, from adjustments in leadership to alterations in the targets of their criminal activities. They are immediately aware of developing gangs and are able to identify them. Members of each team prioritize and target those groups or individuals presenting the greatest threat to the peace in the community and develop the most effective strategies for dealing with them.

Acting in concert with the District Attorney's Office and the County Probation Department, team members apply the TARGET approach to street gang enforcement. This ensures that attention is given to every detail of the development and proper preparation of cases against the most violent gang offenders, from the drafting and service of search warrants to the identification, collection and preservation of evidence, and the coordination of probation searches. In addition, the Unit is also responsible for the collection of all data concerning gang-related crime in our jurisdiction. This serves as a measure for the future impact of long-term programs within our communities and calculates any quantitative successes that occur.