Specialized Task Forces

DEA Tactical Diversion Squad

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has one investigator assigned to the DEA Tactical Diversion Task Force. The mission of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Tactical Diversion Task Force is to investigate individuals and/or organizations involved in trafficking controlled pharmaceuticals, as well as those involved in diversion schemes such as prescription forgery, “Doctor shopping” and retail-level violators of controlled pharmaceuticals and other listed chemicals. This investigator is supervised by the North Narcotics sergeant.

Proactive Methamphetamine Laboratory Investigative Team

In 1998, the Orange County Proactive Methamphetamine Laboratory Investigative Team was established. Based at the Orange County Regional Office of the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE), this team was established to provide support and enhance the existing efforts of the BNE Clandestine Laboratory Program, with the interdiction and eradication of the small to medium size "stove top" methamphetamine labs.

The mission of the Task Force is to develop a strategic plan to measurably impact the growing methamphetamine problem in Orange County and allows for local control over task force operations while being able to draw upon significant resources from the state.

Regional Narcotics Suppression Program

It is the primary mission of the Regional Narcotics Suppression Program (RNSP) to target, investigate, and prosecute individuals who organize, direct, finance, or otherwise engage in high-level (major) illicit drug trafficking enterprises or money laundering operations. A high priority is placed on those subjects who are engaged in the importation of illegal drugs into or through the County of Orange, California and the interdiction of such illicit trafficking pipelines.

The Criminal Investigations Division Captain is the Program Manager of RNSP. The enforcement support dedicated to this Program is comprised of sworn law enforcement personnel from 9 local and federal law enforcement agencies. The oversight for RNSP is performed by an Executive Board.

RNSP began its operation on December 15, 1986. Since then the investigators, deputies, officers, and agents assigned to the Program have conducted thousands of investigations resulting in the arrest of over 1,300 narcotic violators and the seizure of the following:

  • $193 Million in U.S. Currency
  • 85,542.2 Pounds of Cocaine (38,884.18 Kilos)
  • 280 Pounds of Heroin (1,944,960 Injections)
  • 123,761 Pounds of Marijuana (110,889,856 Million Cigarettes)
  • 16,706 Pounds of Methamphetamine (7,593.64 Kilos)
  • 232 Gallons of Methamphetamine Oil (464 Pounds of Meth.)
  • 15,170 Pounds Pseudo Ephedrine
  • 24 Meth. Labs
  • 4,200 Ecstasy Pills
  • 12 Ounces of GHB
  • Approximately $4.5 Million in Seized Vehicles/Property