Domestic Violence Court

The Domestic Violence Court program is a comprehensive treatment program for victims, batterers and children who are in a home where domestic violence has occurred. The foundation of this program is a successful partnership developed with the Superior Court, County Probation, Social Services, Victim Witness, local battered women's shelters, the Orange County Sheriff's Department and the Health Care Agency. The mission of the Domestic Violence Court is to effectively manage a specialized domestic abuse docket within the overall framework of affording protective orders and services to victims and their families while at the same time ensuring batterer accountability and encouraging positive behavior changes.
Two deputies from the Sheriff's Department Directed Enforcement Team serve as liaisons for the program, working closely with the probation department, the court and team members. The deputies' role in the program includes attending weekly meetings with the program team members, where they are active in the evaluation of current cases as well as prospective new cases for the program. They also conduct field contacts with the batterers in the program who are on court ordered probation. The home checks are done to ensure the batterers are in compliance with existing protective orders and are abiding by the agreed upon terms of their probation. If it is determined the batterer is not complying with the terms, actions taken by the deputies can include merely documenting the concerns, or depending upon the severity of the situation, an arrest. The deputies will initiate the home checks as they deem necessary or in response to requests from program team members.
The goals of the program are to promote the end of the violence; to protect the abused party, the children of the parties and other family members; to provide services to families; to protect the general public; to hold batterers accountable for their violent behavior and for stopping the behavior; to rehabilitate the batterer through appropriate interventions and to convey the message that domestic violence will not be tolerated.