Civil Process Services

The Orange County Sheriff Court Operations function is pleased to offer you cost effective, professional civil process services. If you decide to use our services, we promise to make every effort to serve your papers in a timely manner and to make what is often a difficult situation easier for you, our client. All of our fees are set by code and are detailed for you on the following pages. Here are a few tips that will allow you to maximize our service:

Bring us the papers you want served as soon as you can. Even with the best instruction you can offer us, it is sometimes difficult to find the person(s) you wish to serve. The more time you allow us, the better the chances that we will be successful on your behalf.

Be sure to include your case number and the name of the case defendant on any correspondence concerning your service request.

If you want to check on the status of your case, please write to us and include the case number, the defendant's name and address, the date you brought us the papers and your own name and return address. In an emergency, you are welcome to contact us by phone.

When we have concluded service on your papers, we will notify you by mail.

Remember that, although we are happy to serve ALL of your papers, certain court processes such as Small Claims, Summons and Complaints, Subpoenas and Restraining Orders CAN be served by anyone over the age of eighteen who is not a party to the action.

Finally, in the near future we hope to offer you the opportunity to use your credit card to pay services fees. We are also working hard to bring you on-line services. As the new conveniences are available we will tell you about them on this website and with postings in all of our offices.