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Captain Andy Stephens

Mission Statement

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department Training Division is committed to deliver exceptional law enforcement training to both sworn and professional staff to prepare them for exemplary service to the communities we serve.  The Training Division will constantly strive to create an atmosphere conducive to the learning process to enhance professionalism in law enforcement.

The Training Division develops, schedules, and presents law enforcement training for sworn peace officers and professional staff.  The department utilizes two training sites ensuring the best learning environment possible, depending on the specific needs of the course.  Advanced officer training is primarily conducted at the Katella Facility in Orange.  Academy and entry level training is primarily conducted at the Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy in Tustin.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Department, as well as multiple local, state and even federal public safety agencies train at and utilize both sites.  Extensive input from law enforcement and other leaders throughout the county help to mold the curriculum and training that is offered.  Both facilities are often utilized seven days per week and include daytime and evening instruction.

Tactical Training Center

The Tactical Training Center (TTC) is well known as a state-of-the-art Regional Skills Training Center.  The facility consists of a mock town designed for training tactics, an Advanced Interactive System for force option training, and FAAC Driving Simulators used for driver training.  The TTC provides a safe and realistic environment to train Patrol, SWAT, K-9, Investigations, Narcotic and Bomb Dogs, Hostage Negotiation Teams, Directed Enforcement Teams, Academy Recruits, Reserve Officers, and Advanced Officers from all over the state.

The technologically advanced programs offered by the TTC include force on force, less-lethal, non-lethal, force option, and emergency vehicle driving training.  The TTC provides a realistic environment to train officers in police scenarios and tactics.  Simunition FX is used to simulate live fire in force on force police scenarios and tactical entries.  The Tactical Training Center staff offer expertise in instruction on combat shooting, less-lethal, non-lethal (PepperBall and ECD), officer survival, search techniques, building searches, rapid deployment, and critical incident response.  The emphasis of the training is on mental and physical preparedness, case law, proper procedure, and tactics.  The training is conducted in a controlled environment so officers can improve reaction time and hone survival techniques in a safe environment.

The TTC has trained students from all over the Western United States from numerous state, federal, and local agencies.  Our staff has the ability to customize training to fit the need of the agency. Click for Courses

Advanced Officer Training

The Advanced Officer Training (AOT) Unit or Continued Professional Training (CPT) is coordinated for law enforcement officers and professional staff from agencies throughout the State.  Our programs assist agencies in meeting State mandates as required by Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). Click for Courses

Standards and Training for Corrections Unit

The Standards and Training for Corrections Unit (STC) provides entry level and annual training for staff assigned to jail facilities subject to state mandated training requirements per the Board of Corrections (BOC).  Staff assigned to regional based courts and temporary holding facilities are assisted by the unit as well in meeting training requirements.
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Firearms Unit

The Firearms Unit provides firearms training to members of several law enforcement agencies.  The department maintains a law enforcement practical pistol range, and a state-of-the-art indoor tactical training range at the Katella Training Facility.  The Firearms Unit has 2 Mobile Pistol Ranges (MPR), which allow for firearms qualification opportunities closer to employees’ work areas.  The full-time armory staff is responsible for inspection and repair of all the departments’ weapons and safety equipment.

Reserve/SSO/CSA Training Unit

The Reserve/SSO/CSA Training Unit conducts training on a continual basis to ensure Reserve Deputies remain current on procedures, protocols, laws, issues in law enforcement and maintain a high competency level in their assignments.
The unit provides training to Sheriff’s Special Officers (SSOs) and Correctional Services Assistants (CSAs). The training for CSAs and SSOs is conducted in a stress discipline format at the Katella Training Facility in the City of Orange.

The Katella Training facility houses a computer training classroom and multiple instructional classrooms with flexible configurations depending on training needs.

Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy

The Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy located on the former Marine Corps, Lighter than Air Base (LTA) property in Tustin was officially opened in September of 2007 and facilitates a minimum of six basic academies and two sheriff’s special officer academies per year, as well as reserve officer academies and a future modular training academy program. The site is jointly occupied by training division staff as well as our training partners from the Santa Ana College Criminal Justice offices. This new, 52,000 square foot, state of the art facility boasts four classrooms, indoor and outdoor recruit dining areas, an arrest and control techniques training area, a state of the art weight room, a special events room with a stage and seating for approximately 1,300 guests, dual obstacle courses, an outdoor running trail, a formal inspection grounds, and video production offices with a fully equipped production studio. The facility also houses the Sheriff’s Community Services offices, and hosts sheriff’s explorer and reserve officer meetings and training, as well as Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, pre-employment (PEP) and mentoring training, and more. Multiple agencies utilize the facility for recruiting and testing of law enforcement candidates. The Orange County Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy is also home for the Orange County Peace Officer’s Memorial, which finished construction in May of 2013.