2006 Awards

Deputy Cheryl Hodgson

2006 Deputy of the Year – Deputy Cheryl Hodgson

Cheryl has worked for the Orange County Sheriff's Department for nineteen years and has been assigned to the city of Rancho Santa Margarita as a Rotational Investigator since January, 2006.

A quote from one of her supervisors clearly illustrates the reason why Cheryl is receiving this award. Cheryl "pursued the Investigator Rotation Program and took advantage of the opportunity to shine. Her work ethic, ability and commitment became obvious soon after she started working the position."

Cheryl hit the ground running, solving a residential robbery that led to Los Angeles County, the arrest of two subjects and solving numerous other residential robberies for those agencies.

She took a low priority report with no more information than a stolen Ralph's supermarket card and worked it for several months, finally identifying the suspect, arresting him, recovering thousands of dollars in stolen property and solving numerous other burglaries and economic crimes.

During a rash of vehicle burglaries, and with nothing more than a hunch, she worked the case until she found out that all of the burglaries occurred during the same hours as those worked by a particular newspaper delivery person. With still more effort, she located the suspects, made several arrests and recovered a large amount of stolen property; solving numerous crimes.

In a short time, Cheryl has gained the respect of her supervisors and peers and was nominated for this award in her first year assigned to the city - a rare occurrence.

Congratulations to Rancho Santa Margarita's 2006 Deputy of the Year, Deputy Cheryl Hodgson.