Request for Records

Subpoenas for Social Services Agency (SSA) Records

Subpoenas for records of SSA clients must be personally served. The release of records or disclosure of client information will be subject to existing federal, state, and county regulations. Each subpoena will be evaluated according to the type of request, the program or service provided to the client, and whether or not the records are confidential, in which case they will not be released.

Generally, the fact that an individual is a past or present client of Social Services Agency (SSA) or has applied for benefits is confidential and will not be disclosed. Further, in most cases SSA is prevented by law from releasing records relating to SSA clients.

Please note that for Children and Family Services (CFS), unless the requestor is a party to a pending dependency case in Orange County Juvenile Court, the requestor must first file a Welfare & Institutions Code § 827 petition and obtain authorization to receive copies of CFS records from the Presiding Judge of Orange County Juvenile Court before SSA will release any CFS records.

Subpoenas for records of SSA clients must be personally served at the following locations::

    Custodian of Records
    500 N. State College Blvd., Orange, CA. 92868
    714-541-7722 Phone
    714-541-7744 FAX

Fees for Subpoenaed Records

Production of Records

The production of records pursuant to a subpoena requires an advance minimum payment of $15.00, however, a reasonable cost may also apply, such as: payment of 15 cents per page for photocopying, 20 cents per page for copying from microfilm, postage, clerical costs for locating and making records available not to exceed $24 per hour, calculated to the nearest quarter hour, or any actual costs charged by any third person for retrieval/return of records.

Court Appearance

Generally, an advance deposit fee of $275 per day is required at the time of service of a civil subpoena for appearance at a trial or hearing. A demand for payment for the full amount will be billed to the requesting party after the testimony is complete.