Monthly Investment Report

If you have questions on the monthly report, please contact Shari Freidenrich, Orange County Treasurer, at

The Treasurer's Monthly Investment Report for the County of Orange is produced and distributed the 15th of each month, for the previous month. To view the report, you can select the month and year to get the report for that month.

NOTE: The monthly reports are available online starting with June 2000 to the last month of the current date.

Section UL
 1. January (20.92 MB)
 2. February (22.41 MB)
 3. March (23.88 MB)
 4. April (18.07 MB)
 5. May (21.28 MB)
 6. June (18.39 MB)
 7. July (18.66 MB)
 8. August (23.08 MB)
 9. September (21.88 MB)
 10. October (17.68 MB)
 11. November (17.62 MB)
 12. December (22.13 MB)