Jody Briggs

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

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Jody Briggs

Since joining OC Animal Care’s volunteer program in November 2009, Jody Briggs has served in many capacities, including dog walker, bather, and groomer; lead volunteer and trainer; and special event organizer and participant. In addition, she provides administrative support for shelter staff. In just this past year, Jody has dedicated 475 hours, and she's completed more than 790 service hours since becoming an OC Animal Care volunteer.

Initially, Jody volunteered as a dog walker, exercising and socializing the dogs at the shelter, which improves their social skills and enhances their ability to be placed with a loving, supportive family. As a bather/groomer, Jody provides comfort to neglected dogs that have severely matted and dirty coats, transforming them into more attractive pets for prospective adopters. As a lead volunteer, Jody trains new volunteers each quarter, helping them to successfully learn the skills required for specific volunteer activities. To expand her effectiveness as a lead volunteer, Jody has cross-trained in several areas throughout the shelter. In addition, she serves as an ambassador during off-site special events by sharing OC Animal Care’s programs and adoptable animals with community members.

Jody has also taken on an important role in keeping the OC Animal Care kennel cards current. The cards help inform shelter visitors about adoptable animals and are placed on each pet’s kennel. They include the animal’s intake date and availability for adoption as well as comments from volunteers or staff describing the animal’s personality, behavior, or other helpful characteristics. Information contained on the cards often assists shelter visitors in deciding whether or not to adopt a specific animal. Since OC Animal Care may house more than 500 animals on any given day, maintaining accurate kennel cards is an ongoing clerical challenge. Jody has been trained to input and retrieve data from the shelter’s computer database on a weekly basis so that an accurate and detailed kennel card for each adoptable animal is printed. Her support with this assignment is making an incredible difference in matching available pets with potential forever homes.

Jody enthusiastically spearheads a variety of special projects and activities that are hosted by the shelter throughout the year. Leading up to many of the events, she is available days in advance to help staff with preparations that include decorating the facility and creating flyers and posters. To assist in raising public interest about specific animals in the shelter, Jody often organizes and coordinates doggy fashion shows, costume contests, and parades. Through her ingenuity and effective leadership skills, Jody creates fun activities that are enjoyable for animals and people alike. Her endeavors help build strong relationships with the community that OC Animal Care serves, promote the importance of animal adoption, and showcase some very special pets.

In addition to her dedication, enthusiasm, leadership and talent, Jody possesses an inherent desire to learn new things and broaden her involvement in OC Animal Care. Whenever staff members approach her with a new challenge or project idea, Jody is excited to participate. She can be counted on to quickly and independently assess the needs of the volunteer program and offer thoughtful suggestions to solve problems or generate new ideas. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her skills as well as the skills of her fellow volunteers and works diligently to bring out the best in everyone.

Jody is a tremendous asset to the OC Animal Care team. Staff, shelter visitors, volunteers, and adoptable animals are all positively impacted by this very remarkable volunteer!

Thank you and congratulations to Jody Briggs,recipient of the 2011 Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner!

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