Ashley Caro

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

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OC Zoo Volunteer

photo of Ashley Caro

ACTION: What does the volunteer do?

Ashley Caro has volunteered with the OC Zoo since June 2009 and has contributed more than 215 service hours. She assists animal keepers with day-to-day activities, including cleaning and maintaining animal enclosures, preparing food for the animals, and helping with special projects. Ashley is always willing to help with any task needed, including washing dishes, scrubbing floors, hosing down areas, and sweeping and raking exhibits. She participates in behavioral enrichment activities by creating food and toys that keep the animals mentally and physically stimulated. Ashley enjoys working with the zoo’s cats, including the bobcats and ocelot, and helps with the coyotes, peccaries and eagles.

NEED: What community need does the volunteer address?

Cleaning and maintaining the OC Zoo animal exhibits are important tasks that must be performed on a daily basis. Volunteers such as Ashley are an integral part of the OC Zoo team in that they provide staff support with everyday activities, help maintain professional standards for the facility and promote a visitor-friendly environment.

IMPACT: What is different as a result of the volunteer's service?

Ashley supports animal keepers with routine assignments so that time is available for professional staff to concentrate on special projects and behavioral enrichment activities. She is dependable, personable, and hard working – characteristics that enhance staff efforts in delivering a high level of service to the public.

INSPIRATION: What makes the volunteer unique/special?

Ashley demonstrates exceptional initiative by tackling special projects and everyday assignments without being asked. No job is too big or too small, including the less-than-glamorous tasks that involve cleaning, sweeping and washing. Ashley’s great attitude and professional demeanor are making a difference at the OC Zoo for staff and visitors alike.

Thank you and congratulations to Ashley Caro, 2010 Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner!

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