Connie "Buffy" Buffkin

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

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Cypress Branch Library

Buffy Buffkin

Pictured from left to right, Bibliographic Services Manager
Kathleen Wade, Connie "Buffy" Buffkin, County Librarian
Helen Fried, Cypress Library Branch Manager Helen Richardson
& North Regional Services Manager Stephanie Brown.

ACTION:  What does the volunteer do?

Connie "Buffy" Buffkin began volunteering with the Cypress Branch Library in October 1999 with the promise to commit to six months of volunteer service. Her work with the library has extended far beyond that original commitment.  This year she celebrates 14 years with the branch and has dedicated more than 2,360 volunteer hours.

Buffy handles an array of activities at the Cypress Branch Library.  During her morning volunteer shifts she finds time to water the plants, search for books listed on the patrons’ Hold List, shelve books and other library materials, stock the Book Nook, pick up items from the Book Drop, interact with children during the Storytime program, and sort donations.

NEED:  What community need does the volunteer address?

Buffy's service to the library empowers staff and enriches the community.  She draws upon her professional knowledge and experience as a retired counselor and school administrator in completing many of her volunteer assignments.  Buffy provides quality assistance with a variety of special projects and is never shy about helping with day-to-day activities and routine tasks.  If the branch librarian is not available to lead the monthly adult book discussion group, Buffy coordinates the group, which includes sharing insight into book selections and keeping group members actively involved in the discussion.  In addition, she and her husband have generously donated materials and equipment to the library, funded the 2012 Adult Summer Reading program, and underwritten the library's purchase of a play cube and dinosaurs for the children's section of the library.

IMPACT:  What is different as a result of the volunteer's service?

Buffy provides the library with that extra set of hands that is always needed. She helps with bulletin boards, stocks and sets up the yearly tax table, fills in for library pages when they are sick, creates bean bags for the children’s Storytime program, assists with annual book sales, and makes felt quiet books. In addition to her volunteer endeavors, Buffy augments the library's budget by donating 30 – 40 audiobooks each year.

INSPIRATION:  What makes the volunteer unique/special?

Buffy's willingness to commit her time, talents, energy and financial assistance to the Cypress Branch Library is making a very positive and long-lasting impact within the community.  She arrives at the library every morning, rain or shine, and accomplishes an array of projects.  In addition to her years of service at the library, Buffy began knitting caps for "Knots of Love” after a library employee became ill.  Over the years, she has donated more than 513 caps to the St. Joseph Cancer Center.

Thank you and congratulations to Connie “Buffy” Buffkin, recipient of the 2013 Excellence in Volunteerism Award!

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