Cindy Stuetzel

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

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ACTION: What does the volunteer do?

Cindy StuetzelOC Animal Care’s foster program buys time and gives a second chance to young or injured puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. These animals need special one-on-one attention, which the shelter cannot always provide. They are specially selected by veterinary staff for their health and temperament and just need a little personal attention and time before they are ready to make their adoption debut.

Cindy Stuetzel is an exceptional foster caretaker and shelter volunteer for OC Animal Care. She fosters medical program pets and kittens that require specialized care in a home environment while also scheduling her time in the shelter to assist dozens of homeless and abandoned animals who are healthy and ready for adoption.

In addition to her other duties, Cindy is a true leader in the Petco Cattery program. Through this unique partnership between OC Animal Care and Petco that enhances cat adoptions, Cindy transports shelter cats that are housed at Petco and available for adoption to the shelter for medical treatment and also monitors their care while in the cattery.

Since she signed up to volunteer with OC Animal Care in July 2013, Cindy has dedicated close to 200 hours of service at the shelter and fostered animals in her home for more than 1,025 days. She works tirelessly to find loving families for foster animals before they are due to return to the shelter and has successfully found forever homes for many of her fostered puppies and kittens.  

Cindy StuetzelNEED: What community need does the volunteer address?

OC Animal Care works to maintain a robust foster program that assists neonatal or injured animals that would otherwise have a poor prognosis in the shelter environment. Cindy is an extremely active foster caretaker who can be counted on to care for animals in her home almost 365 days a year, assisting in the rescue of dozens of neonatal puppies and kittens each and every day. Being a foster caretaker is a challenging as well as rewarding experience. By opening her heart and home, Cindy gives fragile, injured and young animals a second chance to become big enough and healthy enough for adoption

IMPACT: What is different as a result of the volunteer's service?

Cindy has made a huge impact on the foster program at OC Animal Care, and her dedicated service is an inspiration to other foster volunteers and to shelter staff. Over the years, Cindy has saved the lives of 11 dogs and 99 kittens and has definitely changed the lives of every family that has adopted one of her fostered pets. Cindy has helped boost the success rate of OC Animal Care’s foster program by increasing the number of animals she fosters each year.

INSPIRATION: What makes the volunteer unique/special?

Cindy is a perfect example of the empathy and kindness that exemplify OC Animal Care’s volunteer team. She is generous in committing her time, talents and energy to benefit animals in her home and at the shelter, and she dedicates tremendous effort in securing forever homes for the abandoned pets she works with. Cindy is always willing to drive animals to and from the shelter at all hours of the day for medical appointments and checkups. She is never shy about fostering a variety of animals at the same time, simultaneously handling an injured puppy with its leg in a cast as well as a mother cat and her five kittens and one or two adult cats who are undergoing medical treatment.

Cindy’s long-term volunteer commitment is making a significant difference for countless animals sheltered at OC Animal Care, especially those who have found their forever homes as a result of her involvement.

Thank you and congratulations to Cindy Stuetzel, recipient of the 2018 Excellence in Volunteerism Award!

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