Briana DeLong

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

Orange County Alternate Defender's Office
Investigative Law Intern

Briana DeLong

Briana De Long, left, is presented with
the Excellence in Volunteerism Award
by Defense Investigator Lubna Debbini.

Simon Fraser University graduate student Briana Delong volunteered full time with the Alternate Defender’s Office from May 5, 2008 to August 1, 2008. She continued her internship on a part-time basis until November 3, 2008. Briana dedicated 640 hours of service while interning with the Alternate Defender’s Office, and her outstanding contributions continue to positively impact the department’s daily operations.

Briana was responsible for daily assignments normally performed by an Investigative Assistant and/or Paralegal. Her duties included retrieving files and discovery from the Public Defender’s and District Attorney’s offices respectively. She also prepared and served agency subpoenas and obtained various types of records needed for investigations. Briana filed motions and orders with various court departments, obtained records from the court clerk’s office, served the Orange County jail with court orders, and conducted client clothing exchanges. She assisted various attorneys in organizing, indexing, and summarizing volumes of case discovery. She interacted with public and private agencies to obtain phone, medical, and other types of records needed by attorneys and investigators.

Briana also created an internship training manual that is currently referenced by students and recent graduates placed with the Alternate Defender’s Office. In addition to pertinent phone numbers and agency contact information, the manual includes detailed instructions to facilitate the orientation/training process, allowing new interns to quickly and efficiently assume the duties and assignments that were initially performed by Briana.

Throughout her internship, Briana handled requests from investigators and attorneys in a timely manner and with a high level of accuracy and skill. She demonstrated exceptional professionalism, maturity, and tact that surpassed her years of experience and generated staff confidence in her abilities and initiative.

Through her outstanding efforts, Briana has raised the bar for future interns working within the Alternate Defender’s Office. Her exceptional contributions and long-term commitment on behalf of the residents of Orange County are greatly appreciated, and we are honored to present Briana with the Excellence in Volunteerism Award in recognition of her many accomplishments.

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