Peter De Meyer

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

Orange County Probation Department
Professional Standards Division
Volunteer Probation Officer

Peter De MeyerPeter (Pete) DeMeyer is an active member of the Orange County Probation Department’s Volunteer Probation Officer (VPO) program. From May 1, 2002 through December 2, 2002, Pete served as a Volunteer in Probation (VIP) and was assigned to the Juvenile Hall. On January 21, 2003, he completed his Volunteer Probation Officer Core Training and was deployed to the Adult Courts Services Division. Pete currently works with the Adult Investigation Units 011 and 013. Over the years, he has volunteered more than 2,710 service hours.

Through the VPO program, highly successful professional men and women are recruited and trained to provide on a voluntary basis their leadership and expertise as they relate to the Orange County Probation Department’s mission statement. VPOs are qualified to perform duties similar to those of the department's deputy probation officers (DPO), and they work with and under the supervision of DPOs. VPOs provide staff support with various assignments that include investigating adult and juvenile cases; assuming field monitored caseloads; performing home, work and jail visits; and working with juveniles in drug treatment programs.

Pete currently serves as duty officer for Adult Investigation Units 011 and 013. In this capacity, he is supervised by DPO Pamela Hostetler; however, he requires minimal supervision due to the training and competency that he has attained. Pete assists investigators in setting cases, an assignment that requires him to contact collaborative agencies within the County of Orange and throughout the state to initiate the process of gathering information. In addition, he interviews defendants who report after Court and are applying for probation. Information compiled through interviews assists investigators in preparing their reports. Pete is also responsible for out-of-town inquiries, change of plea (1203.4PC) requests and post-dispositional letters to crime victims. He picks up documents and reports from the jails, District Attorney’s Office and police stations that must be hand delivered due to legal restrictions or confidentiality issues. With each assignment, Pete combines the professional and organizational skills acquired through a career in private industry with the training and experience attained through the VPO program to effectively work with clients, the public, professional staff and a variety of organizations.

Pete and DPO Pamela Hostetler recently focused their efforts on updating the County Parole Manual, which had not been revised since former Chief Michael Schumacher retired from the Orange County Probation Department. The manual required several major revisions, and Pete dedicated countless hours and incredible expertise to the project. When finalized, the document will be distributed to the three-member Parole Board, Chief Probation Officer and Superior Court judges..

Pete’s service to the Orange County Probation Department, the Courts and the community is truly inspirational. He is a “take charge” individual who epitomizes excellence in volunteerism through his leadership, compassion and commitment. His volunteer accomplishments are contributing to a safer community for Orange County residents, and the Probation Department is honored to have Pete as an integral member of the VPO team.

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