Elie Hasso

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

OC Public Works
OC Infrastructure Programs
Civil Engineering Intern

Elie Hasso & Sam Ali
Left to right, Civil Engineering Intern Elie Hasso
& OCPW Senior Civil Engineer Sam Ali.

Elie Hasso is entering his final year at Cal Poly Pomona, majoring in civil engineering. One of many academic accomplishments that he’s achieved is the leadership of fellow classmates in the bridge design competition of a steel bridge project. During the summer months of 2015, while serving as a civil engineering intern with the programming division of OC Public Works (OCPW), OC Infrastructure Programs, Elie successfully completed the following assignments:

  • Elie prepared location maps for road and flood control projects that are listed in the department’s Seven-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). He also created hyperlinks on each project's index to access location maps by simply clicking on the link. This tool has given employees visual access to project locations, reducing search time dramatically. Elie’s contributions to this project have resulted in a cost savings action for the County of Orange. 
  • Elie assisted with a request from the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) for backup documents related to a sizeable invoice that OCPW submitted for the Edinger Bridge replacement over the Santa Ana River. With this assignment, he prepared the requested backup documents required by OCTA in order to process the invoice and secure payment to OCPW.
  • Elie was also asked to assist with a request from the OCPW’s director to add the engineering, environmental and right-of-way costs to the construction cost of projects in order to determine the total project cost. Elie calculated and added the costs to all CIP projects, resulting in total project cost. Going forward, this action will assist OCPW’s staff in accurately budgeting road and flood projects.
  • In conclusion, it’s important to recognize the academic knowledge and skills that Elie brought to his internship with OCPW. For example, his article entitled “The World’s Greenest Building, Bullitt Center, Seattle,” which was published in the American Society of Civil Engineers newsletter, explains how a fully sustainable project contributed to protecting the environment, saving resources (water, energy, trees, etc.) and improving the health of the community. The newsletter had not featured a student-written article prior to Elie’s contribution.

Thank you and congratulations to Elie Hasso, winner of the 2015 Excellence in Volunteerism Award!

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