Dennis Forsyth

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

Orange County Probation Department
Probation Community Action Association
Board of Directors

Dennis ForsythDennis Forsyth is a member of the Probation Community Action Association (PCAA) Board of Directors and chairs the PCAA “Fore the Kids” Golf Tournament. Proceeds from the golf tournament benefit PCAA’s Scholarship/Youth Development Fund. Since 2001, Dennis has dedicated more than 1,200 volunteer hours to PCAA, working tirelessly on behalf of troubled teens.

Established in September 1993, the PCAA is a private, non-profit support group for the Orange County Probation Department. The organization assists the Probation Department through advocacy and fund-raising efforts that offer juvenile offenders resources and programs that redirect lives and rebuild families. Over the years, the PCAA and the Orange County Probation Department have formed a winning partnership that encourages local residents to mobilize their efforts in reducing youth crime and violence.

Dennis provides outstanding leadership as chair of the PCAA “Fore the Kids” Golf Tournament and takes on added responsibilities to ensure a successful event. In addition to coordinating the activities of committee members, he secures the location of a golf course, assists in providing silent auction items and works in collaboration with local and national golf companies to provide underwriting and promotional items for the golfers. His commitment to the event has resulted in a significant number of golfers who return year-after-year, eager to participate. In 2007 alone, the “Fore the Kids” Golf Tournament raised $8,000 for the PCAA Scholarship/Youth Development Fund.

The PCAA “Fore the Kids” Golf Tournament assists young people from very diverse backgrounds who qualify for the Scholarship/Youth Development Fund by achieving their high school diploma or GED. Funds available for the Probation youths cover a variety of education-related expenses including: college fees, purchase of textbooks, trade school fees, high school letterman jackets, appropriate graduation clothing and band instruments. Funds are also allocated for the removal of visible gang-affiliated tattoos at no cost to juvenile offenders. The tattoo removal program improves the likelihood that a young person will attend school and gain employment.

Dennis exemplifies excellence in volunteerism in every aspect of his involvement with the PCAA and especially in his leadership of the “Fore the Kids” Golf Tournament. He is making a positive difference in the lives of troubled teens by providing them with an opportunity to seek a new direction that will enhance their efforts in becoming responsible citizens within their communities.

Dennis gives generously of his time, talents and energy in support of the Orange County Probation Department and his participation on the PCAA Board of Directors emphasizes his commitment to help turn “youth at risk to youth of promise.”

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