Elliott Gleason

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

OC Community Resources
OC Parks, Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park
Wagon Wheel Natural History Association

photo of Elliott GleasonAdopt-A-Park volunteers help preserve and maintain the natural beauty and allure of the County’s 30 harbors, beaches and parks. They assist with beautification and interpretation of more than 39,000 acres of spectacular resources and open space. Elliott Gleason is an active Adopt-A-Park volunteer at Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park and also provides outstanding leadership for the Wagon Wheel Natural History Association. The association is a non-profit organization whose members dedicate countless hours in support of Riley Wilderness Park.

As a wildlife sanctuary, Riley Wilderness Park is home to an abundant number of native plants and animal life. Old groves of Western Sycamores and Coast Live Oaks border the park's two seasonally flowing creeks. The remaining land features rolling hills and canyons of Coastal Sage Scrub and grasslands.

For more than three years, Elliott has served as president of the Wagon Wheel Natural History Association (WWNHA). The mission of WWNHA is to preserve the wilderness area, enhance the quality of the park, and improve the park’s ability to serve the community through environmental education and interpretive programs. Members believe that wilderness is a critical element in our natural ecological system. They educate youth to value wilderness areas and help them to better understand the importance of preserving undeveloped lands and migration corridors for the original wild inhabitants.

As president of WWNHA, Elliott has assumed many responsibilities and achieved tremendous success. During his tenure, the association has raised money to support educational programs and community outreach events in and around Riley Wilderness Park. In addition, he has been the driving force in planning and coordinating WWNHA’s largest event of the year, a community appreciation picnic that is designed to introduce new families to the park and familiarize them with the association and its work.

Elliott taps into his exceptional talents, energy and organizational skills to accomplish the mission of WWNHA. His volunteer efforts help educate young people about the important role of wilderness areas within Orange County. It’s hoped that that education will be carried into adulthood and will evolve into a “wilderness friendly” philosophy embraced by future generations.

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