Kevin Q. Pham

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

Orange County Public Defender's Office
Harbor Justice Center
Legal Intern

Kevin Q. Pham

Pictured from left to right:  Assistant Public Defender Chuck Hasse, HRS Manager
Jane Dawson, Interim Public Defender Sharon Petrosino, Honoree Kevin Pham &

Senior Investigator Judy Bowling.

Kevin Q. Pham interned with the Orange County Public Defender’s Office since June 2015, contributing more than 500 hours of service that benefited at-risk and impoverished populations. During his internship, Kevin attended the University of California, Irvine with a triple major in Social Ecology, Criminology, Law and Society and Psychology. He will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in June 2016.

While interning at the Harbor Justice Center, Kevin was responsible for meeting with clients and obtaining information about their cases. He prepared written reports for attorneys that contained relevant case information. In addition, Kevin requested records from the court clerk’s office for attorneys and investigators, assisted attorneys in organizing case discovery, and communicated with other county agencies and private businesses to obtain information or records. 

An excellent example of Kevin’s commitment to the Public Defender’s Office is the support he provided to attorneys and investigative assistants in submitting requests to the court to dismiss misdemeanor convictions (1203.4 P.C.). The dismissal of a misdemeanor conviction allows clients to apply for jobs and housing that might have been closed to them due to a criminal conviction. Dismissal of a misdemeanor conviction helps facilitate a client’s reintegration back into society by offering a fresh start that is vital for those wishing to become productive members of our community. Kevin’s effective communication skills enhanced his efforts in gathering critical information from clients that would illustrate to the court that they had taken steps to improve their lives. In the majority of misdemeanor conviction dismissal cases that Kevin assisted with, the court granted the request. 

Throughout Kevin’s internship, he processed requests from investigative assistants, investigators and attorneys in a timely manner with a high-degree of accuracy and skill. He consistently demonstrated exceptional professionalism, maturity and discretion, which generated staff confidence in his abilities and initiative.

Thank you and congratulations to Kevin Q. Pham, Recipient of the 2016 Excellence in Volunteerism Award!

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