Kristi Jolliffe

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

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Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Since 2007, Kristi Jolliffe has volunteered with OC Parks and the Laguna Niguel Regional Park (LANI), contributing more than 2,300 hours of service.  She devotes her time and efforts primarily to the park’s wildlife, specifically waterfowl, and is the only migratory waterfowl volunteer at LANI.  Kristi has years of experience dealing with injured waterfowl such as Canada and Domestic Geese, Mallard, Cinnamon Teal, Hooded Merganser and Ruddy Ducks, American Coots, Grebes, Loons, Widgeons, Herons, Egrets, Cormorants and Gadwalls – just to name a few.  Additionally, she is very knowledgeable of non-migratory birds and a great resource for park visitors.  For example, she assisted Supervising Park Ranger Adam Shuck with a fledgling Coopers Hawk in June, 2015 and has helped rescue many domestic animals that were abandoned in the park over the years.

As part of her volunteer efforts, Kristi works closely with the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center of Orange County (Wetlands).  This is the location for most injured waterfowl transports, and Kristi has become acquainted with the organization’s operational procedures.  In addition, she has familiarized herself with OC Animal Care’s (OCAC) procedures involving wildlife transports.  For example, if Kristi affects a rescue late in the day, she knows that OCAC may not be able to transport the injured bird to the Wetlands within its operational hours.  Therefore, she will personally transport the injured bird to the Wetlands or take the bird home, care for it overnight and bring it back in the morning for transport.  Furthermore, as some birds mate for life, if Kristi is transporting a bird that has a mate left behind at the park, she works tirelessly to reunite them after rehabilitation.

In January 2014, Kristi was instrumental in the development of a Sick and Injured Wildlife spreadsheet that’s currently utilized at LANI. The spreadsheet captures the date, species, injury type or fatality, transportation details, diagnosis, outcome, rehabilitation timeframe and incident notes of each injury or death.  Kristi works with LANI’s office technician to keep the spreadsheet current, and as of this date, the document has captured the data for more than 120 injured or dead birds.  Remarkably, Kristi was involved in more than 90 percent of the rescues.

In addition to her countless hours rescuing, caring for and transporting injured wildlife, Kristi is a valuable resource in collecting discarded fishing line, tackle and other human debris capable of injuring wildlife.  Kristi routinely patrols the park’s lake and collects pounds of fishing line and debris each time she goes out.  In 2014, she secured permission from park supervision to contact a monofilament recycling company to recycle used fishing line and partnered with staff to develop a monofilament recycling system at Laguna Niguel Lake.

In 2015, Kristi assisted park staff with LANI’s Resident Canada Goose Egg Addling Program.  As this program did not exist in prior years, all elements of the project required documentation for future reference and to maximize current effectiveness.  Kristi and Supervising Park Ranger Adam Shuck worked tirelessly on the program from February through May.  As a government agency, OC Parks was required to register LANI with the US Department of Fish and Wildlife as an egg addling facility.  This involved creation of material lists, procedures, collect data and most importantly addle more than 31 nests totaling 154 eggs two times per week for nine weeks.  With Kristi’s assistance, the program experienced a 100 percent success rating.

Kristi is an exceptional volunteer whose outstanding contributions and dedicated leadership will benefit Orange County residents and visitors long into the future.

Thank you and congratulations to Kristi Jolliffe, recipient of the 2015 Excellence in Volunteerism Award!

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