Milko Luna

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

OC Community Resources
OC Parks, Adopt-A-Park

Milko LunaMilko Luna currently attends Cal State University, Long Beach, majoring in Business and Operations Management. In addition to his academic studies, he works part time at Sam’s Club, and finds time in his busy schedule to volunteer several hours each week as an intern with the OC Parks Adopt-A-Park program. Through his internship, Milko has provided outstanding support for the Adopt-A-Park Volunteer Services division. His responsibilities involve the recruitment, screening, tracking and recognition of volunteers.

According to OC Parks Volunteer Services Coordinator Angeline Santiago, “Volunteers are the ‘heartbeat’ of the OC Parks Adopt-A-Park program.” Each year thousands of volunteers participate in a variety of activities from trail maintenance and restoration to leading interpretive hikes and providing visitor education. With the assistance of exceptional interns such as Milko, OC Parks Volunteer Services successfully manages the habitat beautification efforts of more than 400 general volunteers and countless special-event and short-term volunteers who are assigned to 39,000 acres of parkland and open space, which includes 30 OC Parks locations.

Milko brings creative ideas and a fresh perspective to OC Parks Volunteer Services and the Adopt-A-Park program. He has been particularly effective in educating staff about the new volunteer registration process that was recently implemented at dozens of OC Parks locations. He is a team player who will extend his volunteer hours in order to complete a project. He is passionate about protecting the environment, especially through volunteer involvement.

Milko is an advocate for service learning activities in which young people apply academic skills to solving real-world problems. He has embraced the service learning philosophy at a personal level through the activities that he pursues. As a high school student, Milko volunteered with Interact, a service club for young people 14 – 18 years of age. He has assisted at local soup kitchens and senior centers and has participated in beach clean ups. Service learning is also a component of Milko’s internship with OC Parks where he combines hands-on volunteer experiences with academic coursework to address community issues.

Since beginning his internship in spring of 2007, Milko has contributed more than 60 volunteer hours to the Adopt-A-Park Volunteer Services program. Rather than end his internship with the completion of required hours, Milko has decided to continue volunteering indefinitely. OC Parks Adopt-A-Park Volunteer Services is honored to have this very talented and dedicated individual as part of its team.

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