Lynda Weisman

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

OC Community Resources
OC Animal Care

Lynda Weisman has been an active member of the OC Animal Care volunteer team since October 1, 2010 and contributed more than 8,750 hours of service.  Her incredible commitment over the past two years has significantly impacted the lives of countless animals sheltered at OC Animal Care

After being cross-trained in most of the positions available to volunteers, Lynda has proven to be extremely successful in each and every assignment.  Aside from working with the adoptable cats, dogs and rabbits sheltered at OC Animal Care, Lynda has dabbled in pet photography, participated in special events and trained new volunteers in various positions.  Her comprehensive knowledge of the volunteer program contributes to her success in leading and mentoring other volunteers.

Without prompting, Lynda takes the initiative to assess the needs of the volunteer program and to proactively address those needs.  She eagerly assists staff with special projects and can be counted on to fill a volunteer shift to help keep things running smoothly.  Lynda is the go-to person when there’s a job to be done.  She embraces each new assignment with care and commitment.

The knowledge and expertise that Lynda has gained over the past two years, enhance her efforts in supporting fellow volunteers in various situations.  She shares her experiences during new volunteer orientations, and her passion and insight often inspire potential volunteers to apply for positions that she champions.  In training the new recruits, Lynda is able to influence the next generation of volunteers, instilling in them the qualities that add to the effectiveness of the OC Animal Care volunteer team.

By consistently dedicating her time, talents and energy, Lynda is an excellent role model for other volunteers.  She exudes compassion and understanding while working with animals, interacts positively with staff and volunteers, and provides exceptional service for the public. Lynda truly is a unique and valued volunteer.

Thank you and congratulations to Lynda Weisman, recipient of the Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner!

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