Marianne Martineau

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

OC Community Resources
OC Parks, Adopt-A-Park

ACTION: What does the volunteer do?

MaryMarianne Martineau began volunteering with OC Parks in August 2008. Over the years, this multitalented volunteer has contributed more than 450 hours and is considered a vital part of the OC Parks team.

As an Upper Newport Bay restoration crew leader, Marianne provides educational presentations to college students, demonstrates restorative techniques and supervises multiple volunteer groups. She assists park staff with “How to Plant and Where to Plant” habitat enhancing projects at Upper Newport Bay and Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park. She can be counted on to lend support during community-wide annual events such as the California Coastal Cleanup Day and Earth Day. During Heritage Hill Historical Park’s special events, she has set up attractive and informative exhibits and greeted hundreds of visitors. Marianne has an extensive knowledge of natural history and leads interpretive hikes and tours with ease and expertise. In wilderness areas, she works with community groups to remove invasive plant species.

NEED: What community or agency need does the volunteer address?

Marianne’s volunteer involvement aligns perfectly with OC Parks’ vision and goals. She is a steward for multiple OC Parks natural and cultural resources, sharing through education and inspiration the goal to preserve and perpetuate Orange County parks. Her positive attitude and passion for protecting Orange County’s rich natural resources inspire others to get involved. She displays an incredible ability to work with a variety of agencies, community organizations and individuals, and with each interaction, she consistently promotes OC Parks’ core values.

IMPACT: What is different as a result of the volunteer's service?

Marianne’s volunteer endeavors have extended to Laguna Niguel Regional Park where she designed and implemented an interpretive program for park visitors of all ages. As part of the program, she leads monthly interpretive hikes and tours, drawing upon her extensive background in natural history to educate the public and promote good stewardship. The “Aware to Care” program encourages guests to learn about the park’s diverse plant, bird, bug and animal species. The first step in the educational process emphasizes that by “sharing,” visitors develop a greater “awareness” of the park and its importance within the community. On subsequent visits, the “awareness” that visitors experience soon evolves to “caring” for and protecting the park.

INSPIRATION: What makes the volunteer unique/special?

Marianne is comfortable volunteering in urban, coastal, wilderness and historical park settings. She readily shares her skills, talents, knowledge and expertise with visitors of every age and background. With a creative, friendly demeanor and helpful attitude, she tackles any challenge whether it involves coordinating an educational booth, “patrolling” the park by bike, interacting with visitors or assisting with special event parking. Most importantly, Marianne epitomizes the importance and value of volunteer involvement within OC Parks. She is an outstanding leader who inspires others to get involved. She is flexible in carrying out her duties and passionate about protecting Orange County’s natural resources.

Thank you and congratulations to Marianne Martineau, 2010 Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner!

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