Sabrina Melton

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

OC Community Resources
OC Animal Care

OC Animal Care is the only open-admission shelter in Orange County, which means no animal is ever turned away. The facility offers refuge, medical care, nourishment, and a second chance to more than 29,000 stray, abused or unwanted animals.

Sabrina Melton began her volunteer endeavors with OC Animal Care (OCAC) in 2006. She dedicates many of her volunteer hours to socializing cats, which helps reduce the animal’s stress and enhance its adoptability. In addition to handling the cats, Sabrina writes behavior profiles for the animals, describing individual temperament and personality traits. She also selects names for the cats that reflect their nature and disposition. Her ability to share an animal's unique characteristics with the public contributes to its successful adoption.

Over the years, Sabrina has increased her volunteer involvement. She has participated in several mobile adoption events by representing the shelter and promoting its mission within the community. During the events she answers questions, shares information with the public and promotes pet adoptions. Her efforts offer abandoned and stray animals a second chance in life.

Sabrina has been instrumental in getting the OCAC’s new kitten nursery up and running. The nursery provides a quiet area for kittens and their mothers as well as for orphaned kittens. The nursery environment protects the kittens from other animals and from communicable diseases. Volunteers who work in the nursery assist with feeding and handling of the cats and kittens as well as spot-cleaning. Sabrina dedicates countless hours to the nursery, and her efforts have helped to increase adoption of abandoned kittens and cats.

Sabrina is an outstanding role model for other OCAC volunteers. In addition to working two jobs, she finds time to schedule several volunteer shifts each week. She dedicates her time, talents and energy to assist OCAC staff in a variety of long-term projects and special events. She is courteous and helpful when dealing with the public, and often shelter visitors compliment her efforts. Most importantly, Sabrina is passionate about improving the adoptability of animals so that they can find permanent homes with responsible, caring individuals and families.

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