Alan Miller

Excellence in Volunteerism Award Winner

OC Community Resources
OC Animal Care

Alan Miller

Alan Miller and his dog "Beignet" who
was adopted from OC Animal Care.

Alan Miller initially began volunteering with OC Animal Care on May 24, 2011 as a dog walker. In this position, he exercises and socializes the shelter dogs, giving them valuable social skills that will enhance their ability to be adopted by loving, supportive families. Within a short period of time, he trained in other areas as a dog bather/groomer, shelter greeter/customer service volunteer and special event ambassador. As a bather/groomer, Alan provides comfort to neglected dogs that have severely matted and dirty coats, transforming them into more attractive pets for prospective adopters. As a greeter/customer service volunteer, he answers questions from shelter visitors regarding adoptable dogs and the adoption process. As an ambassador, Alan participates in off-site special events and speaks with the public about OC Animal Care’s programs and adoptable animals.

OC Animal Care sometimes selects responsible and committed volunteers such as Alan to act and speak on its behalf. This type of outreach includes helping to recruit new volunteers by speaking about personal volunteer experiences at the quarterly volunteer orientation meetings, or by attending an off-site special event and speaking with the public about OC Animal Care’s programs and animals. Alan has excelled in his role as agency representative.

Alan has directly influenced the adoption of numerous available animals at OC Animal Care through his exceptional customer service skills. He approaches shelter visitors with a friendly greeting, answers their questions and tries to determine the nature of their visit, and personally escorts them to appropriate areas throughout the facility. He has raised the bar for customer service at OC Animal Care and is considered a role model for others to emulate, including fellow volunteers and staff.

On several occasions, Alan has acted out of pure kindness and disregard of self. For instance, he will often approach a family holding a newly adopted pet and offer to photograph them using their personal cell phone or camera. He understands that people are frequently caught up in the excitement of the day and generally hurry home with their newfound pet, forgetting to capture that important moment. As time passes, they regret not having a photo to commemorate the special day. This insight into the personal connection between owner and pet that Alan so readily demonstrates is remarkable and inspiring.

Alan is a caring person and a committed volunteer who has become a vital member of the OC Animal Care team. He is definitely making an enormous impact in the lives of shelter animals and their adoptive families through his dedicated service. He is an outstanding example of the importance of volunteer involvement within our community, and his actions definitely inspire others to get involved.

Thank you and congratulations to Alan Miller, recipient of the 2011 Excellence in Volunteerism Award!

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